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Luna and Pirate Arthur Kirkland WIP by Laineyfantasy
Luna and Pirate Arthur Kirkland WIP
Oh heheh *winks*  what to say about this, well i totally fangirled when i drew this one only took about 1hour to draw!  still to add color but heck I am really really happy how Pirate Arthur turned out especially that shirt mmmmm yummy!!
and whats a pirate without a few scars right?

So this is from my Fan fic i am working on called Pirate England and the moon Maiden, i figured Arthur wanted alone time with Luna so he took her to a secluded beach :)

chapter one is here Pirate Enlgand and the moon maidenPIRATE ENGLAND AND THE MOON MAIDEN
The sun was shining, the sky was clear blue and a few light white fluffy clouds floated by. There was a slight breeze a perfect summers day in the small port of Lilly Cove.
The market down on the bay was busy as usualy hustling and bustling full of people buying various items. Upon a large hill stood the governers mansion, a lovely white building overlooking the ocean. The townspeople always respected the govener after all his guards were always on the look out for pirate ships.
From the age of 5 Luna has always known she was different, the blue hair like the ocean, the gold eyes and her moon tatoo on both her neck and her left wrist said it all. She was quiet, caring yet had a fierce side to her she very rarely showed. Now aged 19 she had grown into a lovely young lady, most of the townspeople heard the tale of the little girl left in Lilly Cove, although they never knew the truth.
'Luna! what are you doing?' a voice yelled breaking her out
feel free to read :)

Luna: Belongs to    me :)

Arthur: belongs to the anime Hetlaia :)

anyways hope you like so far, i so cant stop drawing pirate Arthur!!!



Somewhere on the Black ocean where the weather freezes deep snow all over lay a port. This port belonged to that off a fierce man called Ivan Braginsky. He controlled the fleet of ships known as the black fleet.
Rumours surrounded him a lot, one of which was that people who meet him be it pirates or normal people never return.
Ivan sighed a little while he sat in his office over looking the bay of winter, it was called that as frost and snow covered the port, houses and basically everywhere. The cold never bother Ivan as he was so used to it by now.
'Sir you ...called?' came a little voice at his office door. This belonged to a brown haired green eyed man who walked in. 'Ah there you are Toris da' he said in his soft Russian voice looking at the man standing before him.
' you have news of the ...pirates' he almost spat the word out as he balled his fists, he had a deep hatred to all of the pirate and had mad it his mission to wipe out every last one.
Taking another gulp of the clear liqued in his crystal glass he layed his violet eyes on Toris. 'so?' he prompted.
Toris shifted on the spot as he clutched papers close to his chest, 'well theres been reports confirming a pirate attack a only a week ago on a port called Lillycove' he explained looking at the Admiral who ran his hand through his silver hair.
'Lilly cove' Ivan replied stroking his chin his purple scarf wrapped around his uniform. 'why is that place so familiar' he said then grinned. 'thats why da' he said grinning as he motioned Toris to his desk. 'take a seat we must talk da' he grinned as he pushed a picture over to him.
'do you know who this is? he asked. Toris looked at the picture, one of a blue haired girl, with rather stand out golden eyes. 'no sir...but is she special?' he asked.  Iavn nodded. 'she is da...very very special and perhaps the key to wiping out Pirates for good da! he exclained loudly.
'Sir, do you want her? Toris asked, he knew anything he was commanded to do he would carry out without hesitiation or thought.
Ivan nodded and grinned a little. 'Da, have our fleet set out first thing tomorrow morning, you, no have you heard of the 'moon maiden da? he asked as Toris thought for a moment and shook his head.
Ivan sighed and narrowed his eyes. 'You really have to learn more da! he said in a low tone as Toris shook a little.
'Rumour has it...this...maiden has power so vast she could rule over the seas da' he said his violet eyes serious. 'Just image what we could do, da if we what is the word..aquired her da?' he whispered the stood up.
' are dismissed da, remember your duty, tomorrow will be very interesting da' he said turning around once again.


Luna stood on the deck holding the railings of the ship, the cool morning wind blew her long blue hair around as she gazed upon the rather calm waters.
Breakfast had been rather interesting, after both Alfred and Arthur put clothes on a stew had been served and chatter had broken out about the curse.
Luna smiled as she remembered asking Peter about how he felt truning into a cat.
'its really realy fun! he had exclaimed only for Arthur to growl at him and yell 'its not bloody fun now shut up before you get thrown to the sharks!! ye have yet to cough a furball up! he had said glarring at his younger brother who pouted.

' are ye gonna stand there all morning and daydream, come up here and join yer captain! yelled Arthur breaking luna out of her thoughts as she turend around and starred at him.
Arthur was once again dressed in his white frilly shirt and long red coat, his feathered hat blowing in the wind.
Luna smiled as she walked across the deck careful not to trip on Alfred who was working with the rigging of the sails.
She stopped and gasped a little as Arthurs arm snaked around her waste pulling her close as his other clutched the wheel of the ship.
'here' he said grabbing her arm as he placed her hand on the wheel beside his own. 'how does this feel? he asked as he looked into her gold eyes. Luna blushed. 'strange..ive never ..steered a ship before'
Arthur chuckled and kissed her cheek gently. 'AH shes easy to steer Britania is, the finest Pirate ship around love too! he said proudly. Luna smiled a little and gasped in wonder at what stood before them.
Two huge red sandstone rocks, carved strangly towered above the ship on either side as Arthur kept the wheel steady allowing the ship to sail exactly between them.
'This love is Pirate bay, well not just yet but youll see love' he expalined then pointed straight ahead at a town built into what looked like a cliff face. 'That is pirates bay love, oh its full of mystery and...pirates liks us love a whole lot of scoundrals! he explained as Luna noded.
She starred at the beuty of the bay, the docks were built of wood much like her hometown, winding streets meandered between wooden and brick buildings. Lots of yelling and shouting could be heard as the ship made its way into the port.
Arthur grinned and held Luna tighter as he steered the boat into port. 'ALRIGHT YE SCOUNDRALS!!! PREPARE TO DOCK!!!! he yelled out loud as Al saluted. 'AYE AYE CAPTAIN!! he yelled back as he waved his hands at the rest of the crew. 'YOU HEARD HIM GET READY TO DOCK!!!

Luna watched in wonder as the ship came closer and slid into a large square area. Yells could be heard and cheers.
'yo...yo ho!! its the great captain Kirkland!!! came more yells as the gangplank lowered.
Arthur grinned and waved his hand at the pirated on the dock who helped secrue his ship.
'yo he has a lady on board!! is that nae bad luck? one yelled.   Arthur grinned and yelled 'shut yer mouths and finished secruing the ship! he ordered his green eyes narrowing.
Pulling luna so close to him he whsipered, 'listen love, this place its dangerous so you must stay with me at all times love, do you understand? he asked.  Luna nodded and shivered a little. 'I do...I know you can protect me..but.. ' she thought for a moment. Just then something was pressed into her right hand. Looking down she saw her moon shaped sword.
'you read my mind did you not Arthur? she asked smiling.  Arthur nodded. 'Just a precaution love' he said leaning in close 'after all you and I belong to each other right love' he whispered.  Luna nodded.
Grinning Arthur yelled to his crew. 'ALL RIGHT YE LOT, TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN!! 2 DAYS HERE ONLY 2 DAYS THEN BACK AT SEA YE LOT!! he ordered.
Looking at his crew he yelled watching everyone get off and stretch. Seeing Alfred he yelled 'Al, take care of Peter and I mean it!! even though he is a git!!
'AYE AYE C'MON PETER! he yelled seeing the younger boy run to him and grab his arm. 'Lets see what fun we can have!!!
Luna sighed and looked at Arthur as she frowned.
'whats with the face love?' he asked worried a little.
'what abuut the curse? she asked.
Arthur burst into laughter. 'ah full moon predicted for three full days so love we are going to be just fine! he exalimed grabbing her hand suddenly and dragging her down to the gangplank.
'ladies first' he motioned as Luna frowned a little. 'I have bare feet! she exclaimed causing Arthur to laugh again. 'love we'll get that sorted soon!
Suddenly he scooped her up in his arms and walked Briskly off his ship.
'First things first love! new clothes as part of my crew and being mine ye need to look the part especially here! he whispered as Luna nodded.

An hour later Luna and Arthur emerged from the local clothes fitter shop.  Luna blushed a little as Arthur patted her butt. 'love now ye look just like a pirate and a sexy one at that!
Luna nodded and looked down at herself.
She wore a blue corest under the bust making her chest stand out a little more, above that was a white off the shoulder blouse going down to elbows. A deep red cloth attached to a rather frilly deep blue skirt. Underneath she wore long knee lengh brown boots.
A light brown belt was around her waist making room for her sword.
Arthur smirked. 'now that is more like it, hang on one more thing! he exlaimed and reached up fixing the dark red bandana in her hair. 'now ye are perfect!' he exclaimed. 'Youll fit right in here love. dont be shy but stick with me at all times! he said his voice getting serious.
Luna nodded as she followed Arthur. 'where are we going? she asked.
'gonna show you around lovey, come on! he yelled grabbing her hand and leading her throuhg the twisting streets and bustling people.

'yo matey...whos the girl ye got! a pirate called out.
'none of yer business mate, get going or ill deck ye one!! Arthur yelled.  Luna was surprsied as the Pirate burst into laughter as he grinned a toothless grin at both of them.
'sorry..Kirkland, just dont see ye with many blue haired maidens around! he grinned.
Arthur sighed and narroewd his green eyes. 'well now ye do so get lost! he yelled.  The pirate nodded and sauntered off knowing it was not wise to make him angry.
'see Luna love, this is why you and I must stay close! he explaied as they continued to walk.
'and most likly the rest of me crew are in there! he said pointing to a brick building with a thatched roof and a beer keg sign hanging from the side of the building.
Luna giggled and nodded looking at him. 'and what about you?
Arthur smikred his emereld eyes sparkling 'we will join later love, I need to show you somthign first, a little surprise for my moon maiden' he whispered as he made his way up a steep slope above the town then still holding onto Luna down the steep cliff at the other side.
Luna was carefull to watch her footing on the loose rocks as Arthur helped her the last part. Looking around she gasped, they were standing on an isolated white sanded beach, the clear blue ocean lapping gently.
'This is...this is beutiful!! she excalimed as Arthur chuckled. 'I knew youd like it love, come I want to show you something! he said guiding her across the beach twards a cluster of rocks and rock pools.


' never told me you were visiting and with a lady?? came a light sweet french voice.
Luna looked over to where the voice came from a gasped: sat upond the rocks half in and half out the water sat a tanned skinned, brown haired, brown eyed lady, well no she was not a lady but a...mermaid.
Luna looked into her brown eyes and got lost in the calmness and smiled at her a little dreamily.
'now now love, dont' Arthur whispered grabbing luna by the arm snapping her out of her trance. 'eh...what?
'This is Chelle...the mermaid' he explained pointing to the girl who giggled.
'Arthur I was going to have some fun' she pouted looking over at luna yet again.  Luna starred once more but took in the red bows in the girls pigtails, and part of her aquamarine tail as it sparkled in the sunlight.
'you like' she giggled as Luna nodded.
'AHEM! you two, enough chit chat! Arthur exclaimed as he walked closer to the mermaid closly followed bt luna.
'I wanted to introduce ye both' Arthur said running his hand over his hat. 'Luna, is the moon maiden Chelle, shes gonna break our curse! he said his green eyes twinkling.
Hearing this Chelle reached out and grabbed Lunas hand looking at her closely. 'its true you are...the legand moon maiden! she exlaimed as she starred at Lunas gold necklace and tatoos which were now glowing.
'You love are glowing! Arthur exclaimed as he pulled her by the waist close to him.
'I wonder....I can feel yer power' he said as he closed his eyes slightly and began to glow a little himself.
'oh my oh my!! came Chelles happy voice, 'did you ....make her yours? she asked giggling. 'thats the word thats going around here and the ocean too! she said lightly.
Arthur blinked a few times hearing those words and opend his eyes feeling lunas power all around him, looking at her eyes he smiled still holding her hand.
'love show me what you can do' he asked as she nodded.
Grabbing Arthur this time by the waist she turned him around to face some old palm trees and lifted his arm up.
'ready' she whispered.
'ready love!'


A sudden burst of pure white light and a huge noise filled the hidden cove.  Chelle gasped as she popped her head up from the water scared from the sudden noise.
Arthur blinked a few times his right hand shaking as he and Luna starred at the mess of the once plam trees.
A smouldering clump of charred wood and burnt leaves now remained.

'BLOOY HELL! YOU ARE POWERFULL!! Arthur exclaimed feeling his heart beat faster from the surge of Lunas power through him.
Luna grinned a little and nodded whispering 'no not just you are too! she said.
Arthur lowered his hand and grabbed her close pulling her around so their lips met. Luna blushed a little as he kissed her deeply running his hands down her waist.


Suddenly both Arthur and Luna were soaked with sea water. Arthur glarred a little over at Chelle who gave him an innocent smile.
'You two smooches!! she giggled as Arthur strode over to her frowning.
'dont make me mad Chelle love! he said his hand on his sword.
Chelle frowned, 'you would not dare, besides I promise not to tell anyone about Luna here!' she said getting ready to dive into the sea again.
Arthur sighed and looked her dead in the eyes.
'ill hols ye to yer promise, now off ye go' he ordered as Chelle pouted and dived into the water showing her aquamarine finn then dissapearing.
'bloody mermaids, shes a good guide but...can be jelous too! he exclaimed.
Luna nodded and staggered a little as Arthur caught her. 'ye okay love? he asked as she nodded holding her head.
' alright, just that amount of power...sometimes takes it out of me, espeically since..ive not done much like that before Arthur' she said quietly.
Arthur patted her shoulder gently 'dont ye worry love, in time we will get used to it, now what say we go join the others for a hearty meal and drinks? he asked as Luna nodded. 'That sounds good captain' she said smiling.
'Arthur luna love, only Captain when we are in public' he purred as he took off across the beach once more.

Unknown to both a pair of bight deep green eyes had watched the whole thing, had seen the moon maiden use her powers and had decided to make her his.

Pirate England and the Moon Maiden chapter 8
Finally after being away for a long weekend (mini comic con) i got around to typing up chapter 8 of my Hetlaia Pirate England fan fic!!
This like totally took forever no idea why but im glad ive got it done!!

Also i really kind of want Luna's pirate outfit now!!! ><

*note* i have decided to call Seychelles Chelle as its easier too and heheh a mermaid!!!

So anyways hope you enjoy this chapter, i promise the next on will kick butt!!!


Please read and let me know how it is!
Come with me da? (russia/America chibi) by Laineyfantasy
Come with me da? (russia/America chibi)
Yay finally finished it today :) here is just really a cute little doodle i did of Chibi Russia and Chibi America :) These were drawn then inked and colored using Letraset promarkers :)
Also this is based of a RP i am doing with a friend :)
Now hmm i wonder what Russia has in mind, America certainly looks like he doesn't want to play!

Russia: 'come on lets play da'
America: *gasps* dude like let go!!
Russia: *sighs and grabs him tight* no, we are going to play like the old days da!
America: *gasps shaking his head*

anyways hope you all like :)

Russia and America belong to the anime Hetalia.


Laineyfantasy's Profile Picture
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hey evryone im a budding manga artist who loves to draw fan art and final fantasy art :)

Current Residence: Scotland
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Favourite style of art: pencil art and paints and manga art.
Favourite cartoon character: wilee e coyote
Personal Quote: "Always live your dreams"

So im loveing a lot of anime at the moment, so what is your fav anime? 

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