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Character heads part 1 by Laineyfantasy Character heads part 1 :iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 4 3
Fallen for the Enemy chapter 28
Fallen for the Enemy
   Chapter 28
'Ve have a razher big problem' those worse repeat back in Wollf's head as he starres at Ludwig.
'Vaht kind of Problem herr kommandant? Wollf asks carefully as he keeps his eyes on Ludwigs expression.
'Follow me, Dietmajor vill meet us in zhe basement' Ludwig replies, hearing this Wollf knows it must be something serious as they never need the basement unless its something Ludwig does not want the whole camp to know about.
Walking briskly along the main corridor they take a left turn and walk down two flights of starres. Wollf always wondered how the basement ever existed as the camp building is on a level. Remembering back to the first time Ludwig had explained *zhis camp vas built on zhe sight of two WW1 bunkers we converted zhem into secret meeting rooms* he had explaind as they talked one night over two whiskys.
Finally stopping the arrive at a thick silver door. Dietmajor is already standing waiting for the two as he salutes, clicks his
:iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 0 7
Character heads (wip) by Laineyfantasy Character heads (wip) :iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 1 0 Story characters wip by Laineyfantasy Story characters wip :iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 3 3 Lizel Cherrie updated by Laineyfantasy Lizel Cherrie updated :iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 9 11
Fallen for the Enemy chapter 27
 Fallen for the Enemy
Chapter 27
'Mademoiselle Cherrie is safe!!!'
These four words hit Paris like a wall as she gasps, her blue eyes widen in shock starring at Wollf as she grips the handkercheif tight her knuckles turning white.
'' she stutters out trying to get over her shock as Wollf nods rubbing her knee, his blue eyes full of hope, his voice gentle yet meaningfull.
'oui she ist safe' 'But...Ludwig..he told me last night...they had...they were going to take her!!' Paris exclaims shaking her head, a wave of anger builds inside of her as she clenches her fist *that dammed battard!!!*
Wollf nods 'He vould be trying to get jou to tell zhe full truth about Lizel...trying to get you to break ja' he explains still waiting on the trail to finish going by as Paris starres feeling angry 'I HATE THAT DAMMED NAZI!!! she yells. Wollf looks amused seeing her angry expression as he nods 'I understand zhis is hard Mademoiselle, jou vant notzhing more zhan to get avay, rescue Francis
:iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 1 29
Paris Bellarose cosplay 2 by Laineyfantasy Paris Bellarose cosplay 2 :iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 5 0 Paris Bellarose cosplay by Laineyfantasy Paris Bellarose cosplay :iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 4 2
Fallen for the Enemy chapter 26
Fallen For the Enemy
   Chapter 26
Sunlight begins to slowly flicker into the room lighting up the corners. Soft growls and whimpers begin to echo from the far corner of the room turning into hungry whines and barks.
Paris slowly begins to awaken, her ears sensitive to the barking noise as she mutters '' not realizing the dogs are making the sound, she shifts and the sharp cold sound of the chains clinking makes her open her eyes.
Shuddering and shivering Paris blinks for a few minutes letting her eyes ajust to the morning light filtering into the room. Pain flarres through her arms as she winces 'Merde!' feeling her arms ache from the position she had been sleeping in.
Memories begin to filter through her brain as she shakes her head remebering the events of the night before, of Ludwig being really mad, punishing her and leaving her here with the dogs. Turning her head over to the far side of the room she sees both Thor and Valkerie sitting starring a
:iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 0 11
Hanz Lada German Officer by Laineyfantasy Hanz Lada German Officer :iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 11 14 Hanz Lada (yes Lada not Landa) WIP by Laineyfantasy Hanz Lada (yes Lada not Landa) WIP :iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 4 0
Fallen for the Enemy chapter 25
Fallen for the Enemy
  Chapter 25
'She Knows vhere ......VHERE MEINE SISTER IS JA!!
For a long moment there is silence only Paris loud breathing can be heard.
Both Paris and Ludwig exclaim at once after hearing Reinhold blurt this out. Ludwigs blue eyes widen in surprise as he looks shocked starring at his officer.
'Jour..sister..she ist jour sister!!! Ludwig exclaims 'SHIZE, can zhis night get any vorse!!! he excalims angry and shocked at the same time.  
Reinhold starres at both Pairs and Ludwig, his face taking on a shocked look that he blurted out his secret, he reaches up and takes his cap off rubbing his head his brown eyes wide.
'ja..meine Kommandant she ist meine is a long story' he says anger still showing in his voice but having seem to have ebbed away just a little.
'she.she cant be..! Paris says quietly shaking her head...'she she never said anything...all she told me when ..before this war started was that..that her brother died!' she say
:iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 1 0
You are Mine!!!! by Laineyfantasy You are Mine!!!! :iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 6 20
Fallen for the Enemy chapter 24
Fallen for the Enemy
    chapter 24
Pairs heart beats faster and faster as she is carried down the stairs at a fast pace, she pounds his back hard and kicks her heals trying to get out of Ludwigs grip.
'OUCH!!' Paris yelps out feeling her bottom sting as Ludwig growls 'Zehn stop zhis ja jou vill take jour punishment!!! he growls as he tightens his grip, Paris bounces up and down on his shoulder as her hair trails over to one side, she blows some from her face panting tears in her eyes as she wills herself to be strong for whatever punishment comes.
They reach the main hall and Ludwig continues striding fast not talking as he pushes open a large wooden door then continues to bounce her down a spiral stair case, at once Paris can tell the air is colder down her and shudders, she can see old stonework and flahses of her time with Stholler comes back as she whimpers.
'L...Ludwig..please' she pleads out.
'NEINE! he replies in a cold voice. The reach another wooden door an
:iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 0 9
Fallen for the Enemy chapter 23
Fallen for the Enemy
   Chapter 23
Leaving Paris Ludwig strides down the corridor and up two flights of stairs to his office.
'Ah Wollf jou are early ja' he says noticing Wollf waiting patiently for him just outside the office.
'Heil Hitler' Wollf salutes at Ludwig nods and pushes the door open letting Wollf walk inside and over to a dark chair to sit down. 'How are jou getting on vith zhe boy? Ludwig asks as wollf takes a glass of brandy from Ludwig. 'vell he has not done anyzhing so far ja, I had him patched up but I vill be interrogating him more a little more gentle zhis time, Herr Kommandant I beleive a gentle touch is needed, I know he is a rat ja but if I get him to drop his guard zhen I can find out more' he explains.
Ludwig considers this for a moment as he stands at the brandy and pours himself a glass then walks to his chair nodding 'zhat is ..vell zhat is vorking vith Paris ja so vhy not, but jou heard Obergruppenfuhrer Fuller jou vill need results vithin zhe veek
:iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 0 9
Helene Deforest by Laineyfantasy Helene Deforest :iconlaineyfantasy:Laineyfantasy 2 0


Team Nazi Operation by Rouzalos64
Mature content
Team Nazi Operation :iconrouzalos64:Rouzalos64 4 19
Call The Gestapo Comic 2 [Linework]  by lil-miss-gorehound Call The Gestapo Comic 2 [Linework] :iconlil-miss-gorehound:lil-miss-gorehound 2 3 Requisitioned: Oxana and Olga [Aktion: Day 23]  by lil-miss-gorehound Requisitioned: Oxana and Olga [Aktion: Day 23] :iconlil-miss-gorehound:lil-miss-gorehound 6 1 Call The Gestapo Comic [Color] by lil-miss-gorehound Call The Gestapo Comic [Color] :iconlil-miss-gorehound:lil-miss-gorehound 5 1 Red by SayonaraSemyrra Red :iconsayonarasemyrra:SayonaraSemyrra 78 4 Hetalia Idol: Kesese Band by tophgirl96 Hetalia Idol: Kesese Band :icontophgirl96:tophgirl96 7 1 Hetalia Cabana Boys: Germany by tophgirl96 Hetalia Cabana Boys: Germany :icontophgirl96:tophgirl96 4 0 Hetalia Sweethearts: The Axis Boys by tophgirl96 Hetalia Sweethearts: The Axis Boys :icontophgirl96:tophgirl96 5 6 Pestilenzius and Jensen Commission by AtermisHammerstein Pestilenzius and Jensen Commission :iconatermishammerstein:AtermisHammerstein 17 22 Call The Gestapo Comic [Linework] by lil-miss-gorehound Call The Gestapo Comic [Linework] :iconlil-miss-gorehound:lil-miss-gorehound 4 3 [Request] The queen and the princess by Chantalwut [Request] The queen and the princess :iconchantalwut:Chantalwut 35 27 Hetalia Basterds by AgentSAMa Hetalia Basterds :iconagentsama:AgentSAMa 82 26 Make Yourself at Home by demonsfearme Make Yourself at Home :icondemonsfearme:demonsfearme 120 98 Use Once And Destroy [NSFW 18+] by lil-miss-gorehound
Mature content
Use Once And Destroy [NSFW 18+] :iconlil-miss-gorehound:lil-miss-gorehound 9 4
Freiderich kunn by Thehistoryiff Freiderich kunn :iconthehistoryiff:Thehistoryiff 4 0 Hmh. by majaarnie1 Hmh. :iconmajaarnie1:majaarnie1 14 5



which cosplays would you like to see me do in the future? 

8 deviants said Belarus Hetalia
6 deviants said Nora RWBY
5 deviants said Kida from Atlantis.
3 deviants said Poison Ivy
3 deviants said Lucy from Elfen Lied
2 deviants said Velvet RWBY
1 deviant said Emma Frost


Chibi Comssions are open
so for 100 points i will do any chibi styled character. Either in normal pencil or in these examples using pens on special paper.  Also any fan art character too.

*please not i would need a reference to work from.

NO FURRIES OR MECHA as im not good with those characters.


Character heads part 1
So finally I have finished some artwork, i know its been a little while since i fully uploaded a drawing so here we are, this is the first set of my characters from my Novel Fallen For The Enemy which is currently on chapter 29 at the moment.

So first we have Paris Bellarose my main character in the story. She looks sad because she is not free and forced to be with one of my main SS Officers Ludwig, she wishes nothing more than to be back with her brother Alexandre in the french resistance instead she is dressed all pretty, Ludwig took a shine to her when he captured and interrogate her due to the fact she looks the double of his dead wife. Slowly she finds part of herself falling for him yet she is determined to get away at all costs already having had 3 escape attempts hence the lovely jewled chocker which is a hidden shock collar.

The second one is Trinette Rossou, she is the youngest character I have at 17 years of age, she is part of the french resistance having been the only one to survive her whole resistance cell being captured and killed by the Nazis, she made her way and joined Alexandre's cell but before she could help she has become very ill from an infected bullet wound, normally Trinette is full of bounce and determination yet she also caught the eye of a rather nasty ss officer that vowed to hunt her down and have her himself.

The third is called Fluer Krauser, she is one of Paris close friends but up until Paris met her during a church visit with Ludwig she had no idea Fluer was with the nazis, Fluer herself is elegant and determined like Paris but two years before she met her friend again she was taken by a SS Officer, she had to marry him in order to save her village yet she also found out that her uncle is one of the prisoners at the camp so she is planning with Paris to try and save him and escape from her husband.

The last is Lizel Cherrie, Lizel and Paris crossed paths back in college before the war broke out but did not meet again until they met one day at the market while Paris was under guard by Wollf who i will explain about later.  Lizel is rather beutifull she does tend to attract the attention of some of the germans around the market, while her own past is much more complicated, her mother was married to high ranking Nazi before she ran off with Lizel who was 3 years old at the time leaving her older brother behind, so Lizel has an older brother Reinhold who is a member of the SS and under Ludwigs command. Both do not meet until well into my story which could change Reinhold for the better. She also has romantic ties with Alexandre Bellarose whom she views as one of her best friends and lover.

Anyways I hope you like these so far and please do comment.

Art/Characts/Bio: Belong to me and may not be used without my permisson!
Fallen for the Enemy

   Chapter 28

'Ve have a razher big problem' those worse repeat back in Wollf's head as he starres at Ludwig.
'Vaht kind of Problem herr kommandant? Wollf asks carefully as he keeps his eyes on Ludwigs expression.
'Follow me, Dietmajor vill meet us in zhe basement' Ludwig replies, hearing this Wollf knows it must be something serious as they never need the basement unless its something Ludwig does not want the whole camp to know about.
Walking briskly along the main corridor they take a left turn and walk down two flights of starres. Wollf always wondered how the basement ever existed as the camp building is on a level. Remembering back to the first time Ludwig had explained *zhis camp vas built on zhe sight of two WW1 bunkers we converted zhem into secret meeting rooms* he had explaind as they talked one night over two whiskys.
Finally stopping the arrive at a thick silver door. Dietmajor is already standing waiting for the two as he salutes, clicks his heals together. He nods at both 'It is ready herr kommandant' he explains as Ludwig nods 'very vell let us see' he explains as he pushes the silver door open.
All three men stride in, a few other lower ranking officers salute and stand to the side of the room. Layed out on the table infront of them is the torn remains of a white cream parachute.
'Vaht do jou make of zhis? Ludwig asks Wollf as he leans closer and looks carefully at the parachute 'vell zhis looks Amerikan if jou ask me' he explains as both Deitmajor and Ludwig look up 'jou zhink so? Deitmajor asks adding 'I knew it vas eitzher Amerikan, British or ....zhose ..Franzosisch!! he exclaims looking a little annoyed at the same time.
LUdwig scratches his chin thinking as he looks at the parachute 'zhen ve must contain zhis problem at vonce ja! und vith zhis it is most unlikely zhat zhey vere alone' Ludwig exlplains. 'Tell me Deitmajor do jou zhink zhey vere alone? he asks as Deitmajor shakes his head his blue eyes serious 'neine I do not, I made a few calls to zhe Garrison und have arranged extra troops to be sent to zhe forrest chekpoints, I have also explained zhey need to be vigilant und search anyvone zhey find Herr Kommandant' he explains.
'Zher gutt Deitmajor' 'Vehre did jou find zhis parachute? Wollf asks calmly as Ludwig looks at it once more but it is Deitmajor who speaks up '40 miles sout vest of zhis town' he explains 'vhich means zhey are eitzher going to help zhose 'rats' or zhy have some otzher agenda planned' Ludwig explains thinking hard as he balls one fist, a tiny strand of blond hair escaping his officers cap as he looks at the parachute.

*knock knock*

Hearing this all three men look up. Ludwigs face frowns then changes looking rather angry and annoyed.
Striding over to the door he motions to both Deitmajor and Wollf to block the table from view. Turning the handle he pulls open the door.
'ZHIS IS A CLASSIFIED AREA I MADE IT CLEAR NOT TO BE DISTURBED!!  DUMMKOpf! (FOOL) Ludwig yells at the trooper who stands his ground the best he can, his youthfull face looking scared under Ludwigs intense icy eyed starre.
'VHAT DO JOU VANT! Ludwig yells as the trooper shakes a little but begins to stutter out 'F...Forgive me..Herr..Herr ' He stutters as Ludwig looks impatiant. 'Vell spit it out!' he orders as the boy nods 'ja...apologies Ve have just had a report zhat Herr Wollf's residence has been disturbed' he explains handing Ludwig the note.
Taking it in his hands he read this quickly and looks up nodding at the boy 'Danke now get back to jour post und never come down here again, do jou understand!!! he says raising his voice a little louder as the boy nods 'Ja...Understood herr kommandant!, heil hitler!' the boy salutes then hurries off back to his post.
Ludwig shakes his head *ve really need to train zhese troopers more!* he thinks to himself as he turns back to the two men.
'Vhat vas zhat? Deitmajor asks his face frowns a little 'Otto..' Ludwig says looking over at Wollf whos eyes go a little wider having not been called his first name for a while, usually Ludwig only used his first name when he ment business. Wollf just manages to hold on to his composuer he can give nothing away as he starres back at Ludwig his heart just beginning to race a little faster, he knows he must be carefull for fear of ever being found out.
'Ja Ludwig vhat is zhe matter? he asks as Ludwig hands over the note and he begins to read it. Looking back up Ludwig can tell his friend is worried 'Go take two troopers vith jou incase jou find anyvone, und Otto...shoot zhem on sight if jou do' he orders.
'Ja Ludwig mark meine vords I vill' Wollf replies as he nods at both men.
'Wollf be back at camp in von hour ja' Ludwig orders as Wollf nods 'Ja' he replies then heads out the door without looking back, striding up the stairs he thinks to himself *just vho is sneaking around?*
As he jumps into his car his breifcase in the back seat, he floors the pedal and the car spins away from the camp closly followed by two bike riding troopers.
Driving around the corner he thinks to himself allowing a tiny smile despite being a little on edge at the same time *vell zhis is a perfect opportunity to let Alexandre know about the parachute even if he is not involved zheir could be allies to be had* he thinks, gripping the wheel he pushes the car faster twards his home. *Zhis must have been kept secret as I have not heard about any drops in that area* he frowns getting nearer to his house.

Deitmajor stands looking at the doorway from which Wollf departed quickly.
'Ve cannot be to carefull ja' Ludwig says putting a hand on his friends shoulder as Dietmajor nods 'ja but...'he pauses as Ludwig starres at him 'I can tell jou are zhinking someting care to discuss in meine office? he asks as Deitmajor nods 'ja but vhat about zhis? he asks pointing at the parachute.
Grinning a little Ludwig chuckles 'Zhat vill be put to good use' he replies as he waits for Deitmajor to walk out the room, both was briskly back to Ludwigs office where they close the door and Deitmajor takes a seat.
Pouring some brandy into two glasses Ludwig returns to his desk and sits down.
'Now tell me vhat jou are zhinking?' he asks, leanind foreward Deitmajor beings to explain. 'It seems ve are not getting very far vith zhe resistance rats, und jou need zhat chemist piggie so my idea Herr kommandant vas to somehow show zhem zhat ve mean business' he explains taking a sip of the brandy, taking a long sigh its clear that his brothers death is still getting to him.
Ludwig nods hearing this as his eyes spark as if he has a sudden plan, leaning back in his chair he grins.
'Jou know zhat is a gutt idea ve show zhe townspeople ve mean business, zhat zhere vill be no more hiding anyvone or helping any of zhose resistance rats ja' he says chuckling a little. A picture of Paris forms in Ludwigs head, the way she smiles, the way she flicks her hair, her laughter. He suddenly thinks *but killing her friends..she vould hate me for zhat!!!* for a moment Ludwig starres far off as Deitmajor gives him a look 'Herr Kommandant?' he asks as he snaps back to attention.
'Ja...a public hanging or execution should do zhe trick' he says snapping out of his thoughts 'vho do ve have zhat ve do not need Prisioner vise Klaus? he asks using his fist name yet again.
Deitmajor leans back in his chair, 'vell ve have zhat boy marco but..Obergruppenfuhrer fuller vants Wollf to get results vith him personally I zink zhe boy ist a vaist of time' he says as Ludwig thinks for a moment and nods 'ja but ve never know vhat zhat boy vill give us' he explains taking another sip of the brandy. Suddenly an idea comes to mind as he leans forweard on his elbows 'vhat about our most unforunate pigge' he grins waiting to see if Deitmajor has picked up on his idea.
Narrowing his eyes he grins 'jou mean zhat piece of Sheize...Maurice??? he asks trying hard not to laugh as Ludwig nods 'Ja Maurice I zhink ve have bled him dry for all his information ja he is usless to us...' he pauses for a moment grinning at Deitmajor 'Zhat is unless jou vant more fun vith him? he asks laughing a little. Deitmajor chuckles 'vell If I am permitted von last session vith him I vould be most happy to see zhat Schwein hang or be shot ja! after vhat he did to me, meine shoulder still throbs at times' he explains balling a fist.
Ludwig nods and laughs once more 'zhen it is settled Maurice shall hang at least zhat vay ve can leave him zhere for a few days und show ve means buisness! he grins his blue eyes looking deadly serious.
'Ja danke herr kommandant I have vanted to let meine full anger out at him' he replies as Ludwig nods then adds 'und Klaus do not kill him I vould prefer him alive before ve hang him, I vlll make zhe necessary calls to arrange zhis, vhen Wollf gets back ve vill got to zhe market togezher with at least 12 of zhe garrison ja' he orders then waves his hand at Deitmajor 'jou are dismissed for zhe time being, I have papervork to be getting on vith und vill have to report zhe parachute to obergruppenfuhrer Fuller' Ludwig explains.
Nodding Deitmajor finishes his brandy, pushes back the chair and salutes 'Hail Hitler!' clicking his heals together he turns and leaves Ludwigs office with a big grin on his face thinking about Maurice *oh jou have no idea vhat is coming to jou...jou Schwein!'

Meanwhile Wollf and the two troopers have searched the grounds, and his home from top to bottom finding no signs of any indruders.
'Zhat is strange ja' one of the troopers tells Wollf as he nods standing in the hall of his house 'nothing is out of place ja' the other says.  Wollf gives both a nod 'Ja it vould seem so but do not be so fooled whoever zhe intruder vas zhey eizher vere very carefull or zhere vas no von here in zhe firstplace' he explains as both troopers look confused.
'but sir ve vere alerted somevone vas seen snooping around jour house und grounds' the brownhaired one says, his helmet a little crooked on his head.
'Ja jou vere it seems' Wollf muses as he strokes his chin taking off his officers cap and running a hand over his blond hair he looks back at the two 'I vant jou both to comb zhe garden vonce more, check for any footprints, anyzhing that my have been disturbed, meine mutter used to alvays say check twice!' nodding at both troopers he stands in the hallway watching them head into the garden.
Taking the chance while the two troopers are distracted Wollf turns on his heals and heads into his study where he knows its secure. *zhe vill be out zhere for at least anozher 30 minutes* he thinks to himself knowing that is enough time.
Shutting the study door he walks to his desk, sitting down he picks up the telphone and begins to dial knowing his line is secure.
*I must varn zhem about zhe parachute* he thinks as he starres at the photo of his love,'Marlene everyzhing I do is for you I know if jou vere still here jou vould agree' he says softly a tiny tear pricking the edge of his eye as he quickly blinks it away.
Holding the phone he waits a few moments as he hears the familiar clicks this time no voice but a series of clicks, he knows that somewhere along that line there are telephone agents operating to make sure the line is kept secure.
It rings for at least four times and still no answer, a slight panic feeling begins to bloom insdie Wollfs stomoch as he thinks *vhat if zhe have found zhem*
His fear is short lived when a voice answers

'Hungry Wollf this is a suprsie mon amie' comes Alexandre's voice on the other end of the line.
' must talk I have news' he replies adding 'it is eizher gutt news or bad I am afraid'

Alexandre had been in the middle of getting preparied, he was just adjusting his gun belt and joking lightly with Gabriel when he was called through to his office.
Pierre stood by the phone having not lifted it up.
'Your contact I take it? he asks as Alexandre quickly strides to the table and lifts the phone up.
'Hungry Wollf this is a surprise mon amie' he says lightly adding 'any news'.
Pierre, Gabriel, Lizel, charles and Jaqus all stand around the table as Alexandre's face changes from being light and cheerfull to one of worry.
Lizel takes a breath worried its about Paris as Jaqus gently puts his hand on her shoulder squeezing it.

'A Parachute you say, merde...oui' he replies hearing Wollf explain on the other end.
'Mon amie zhey found zhe parachute 40miles south of zhe village' he explains as Alexandre grips the phone tighter 'Merde..this is not good, did they find anything else? he asks.
'Bloody trails Deitmajor informed zhe kommandand vho seems to zhink it could be animal blood, but am I right in zhinking zhat von got injured? he asks.
'oui he did' Alexandre replies.
'Zhen mon amie's jou vill need to be extra carefull, Ludwig has ordered tighter border security und zhe forrest checkpoints too, vith zhe parachute Ludwig zhinks and knows zhere hast been some landings ja, he vill not hesitate to act' Wollf warns his voice full of concern at the same time.
'Merde' Alexandre curses on the phone adding 'we need to get into the market today I ave a contact there who can provide medicine we desperetly need' he explains to Wollf.
There is a long pause at the end of the line as Wollf replies 'I am on duty und Paris is currently vith Fluer but if zhere is an oppotunity I may be able to help' he explains. Alexandre grips the phone still worried about Trinette 'we need to get the penicillan she will not make it if we do not!!' Alexandre says down the phone.
'She?' Wollf asks as Alexandre fills him in about Trinette and how ill she has become.
'Zhis is serious ja I vill do meine best to help' Wollf explains adding 'as for zhe parachute be alert ja' he says.
Alexandre nods as he hears Lizel let out the breath she has been holding worried about Paris, then asking the question he has been holding in 'how is mon Petite Souer? (little sister) he asks Wollf, every day he feels the weight getting heavier and heavier wondering if he will ever get his sister back.
There is a sound like a door opening down the telephone line as Wollf replies 'I am doing all I can, for now she ist strong ja und I am hoping zhe visit to Fluer vill help a lot, I am afraid jou und I both understand ve must be patient enough to find zhe right time to plan un escape' Wollf explains. Alexandre nods letting out a sigh his nerves being on end.
'Oui I understand Mercie' he says his voice uneasy due to the revelation about the parachute.
The sound gets louder down the phone 'Herr Wollf, Herr Wollf vhere are jou??'  Alexandre can make out the german voices in the background as Wollf hurridly says down the line 'I must go, I vill be in contact soo ja' he says.
'Oui until next time Hungry Wollf' Alexandre says as Wollf hang up the phone.

'Bad news mon amie? Jaqus asks as he looks over at his friend.
Alexandre does not answer he seems stuck and frozen to the spot holding the reciever still in his hands, his knuckles white.
Pierre walks aroudn the table and prises the reciever from his hand then suddenly slams it down breaking Alexandre out of his trance.
Starring at Pierre he could see his features change, his eyes became hard as flints as he balls his fist 'Capitan Bellarose explain what our contact as just told you!' he barks the order, his anger flarring at the word 'parachute' knowing fine well that all drops into the area with agents must have their parachute bundled away safe for fear of being found.
Alexandre nods narrowing his blue eyes as he leans against the table looking at the map.
'Our contact has informed me that the Kruats have found a parachute 40miles south of the village, that was almost where you landed am I correct oui? Alexandre adresses Gabriel who looks deadly serious and shocked at the same time 'Oui you are right but...' he is cut off when Charles pipes in 'that dammed fool Akerman that would have been his parachute, was never too great at the landing I should have known and warned him about his parachute, I will take the blame lads' Charles says.
'Non!' Gabriel says shaking his head 'if any to blame I am mon amies I should ave been more alert, the parachute got tangled in the trees oui, hence our injured friend' he says shaking his head almost in shame.
'BATTARDS! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS!  Pierre roars taking the men by surprise. Alexandre points to the map, reaching for a handfull of red markers he pins one into the area where the parachute was found. 'Checkpoints ere and here' he says pinning more into the forrest 'Our contact has informed me they are beefing up security and no doubt on the border too' he explains.
Jaqus shakes his head 'merde' he curses out as Pierre nods now leaning over the map survaying it he points to the areas around the forrest 'From now on we stay out of sight of the checkpoints at ere' he points 'and ere, clear???' he asks directing his order to all five in the room.
'oui'they chorus as Pierre curses under his breath clearly angry turning once again on both Charles and Gabriel his voice rising once more 'YOU ARE MENT TO BE PROFESSIONALS, THIS COULD MEAN LIFE AND DEATH FOR THE RESISTANCE, YOU AVE LET THE DAMMED KRAUTS KNOW AGENTS DROPPED IN, NO WONDER THE SECURITY WILL BE DOUBLED!! MERDE!!!BATTARDS BOTH OF YOU!! he roars as Lizel starres on keeping calm yet Pierres yelling is getting to her.
'LOOK CHAPPY, WE DID NOT COUNT ON THE WIND SPEED!' Charles roars back as Gabriel is about to speak.


Suddenly the room goes silent as all five men including Pierre turn there attention to the right of the table.
Lizel stands there right palm on the table, her green eyes glint in anger and hold a serious look, her lips are pressed close together like she means business, her berrie has sild a little from her curly blond hair.
'Messieurs!!! (gentlemen) if we could all stop acting like 'Petitte les enfants!' (little children) for one moment, we ave two sick comraddes we must deal with! one who may not see the next day if we do not get er the medicine she so desperetly needs!!' she says in a tone that would frighten even the toughest fighter. Lifting her hand from the table she looks at Pierre who nods looking serious yet impressed at the same time.
'we do not ave time to argue amoungst ourselves, yes we ave made a mistake that may cost us but we are fighters, we fight for what we believe in we will not let a mistake stop us from freeing France oui!!! we will not let this stop us from helping our friends, from freeing our town from those Krauts, from helping free our relatives!! from helping free Paris!!! she says her voice rising at the mention of her best friends name.
'so what say we stop the fighting and get to business oui!!!! she says finally finshing  her speech.
There is a stunned silence broken only by Pierre who stands clapping , a look of admiration on his face as he starres at Lizel.
'Very well said mademoiselle Cherrie, you are right we are behaving like children oui, my apologies' Pierre says giving her a nod.  Alexandre gives Lizel a smile his blue eyes loosing the anger from earlier 'then we must urry, we do not ave much time' Alexandre says.
Jaqus pats his friend on the shoulder 'Fais attention a mon ami (be carefull my friend)' he says as Alexandre nods 'Oui you know me' he says lightly as Lizel grabs him and pulls him into a tight hug whispering 'come back soon oui for all our sakes' she says pulling back she kissing him on the lips for a moment.
Pierre leans foreward over the table and the map looking at both his men 'whatever happens, stay safe, stay out of trouble, you have your passes?' he asks as both men nod knowing the group landed with fake identity papers. Pierre continues 'the last thing we need is the Gesthapo sniffing around this forrest, that is why I ave taken the opportunity before we held this meeting to load the truck with a few supplies, it just so happens we ave two jugs of fresh milk they are in the truck' He warns 'Take them with you into the market, deliver them to this adress' Pierre hands Alexandre a note warning him 'and if you are followed in any way take them out, that is an order!' he says making sure.
Both men look at each other and nod 'oui, Vive la resistance!!!' both men echo as they nod, heading from Alexandre's office he turns his head 'we will take the truck that way it does not stand out' he explains remebering about the chekpoint he came across the last time heading out of the town.
'You are worried about something I can tell mon ami' Gabriel asks as they climb into the truck, slamming the door shut Alexandre nods 'oui I am..there is a checkpoint before the main road into the village' he replies. 'and?' Gabriel questions 'and...I ave to hope my luck holds that it is not the same guard the last time we crossed, he will get suspicious' he explains. 'Suspicious how? Gabriel questions as the truck begins to move. As they drive Alexandre fills him in on everything that has happend so far and about burning down the library, being stoped at the checkpoint with Lizel just narrowly getting away.
'so you say mon ami he is very smitten with Lizel' Alexandre growls as Gabriel nods 'oui but we ave a story already and papers' he says giving Alexandre a nod 'trust me mon ami we will be fine eh' he grins trying to sound positive.

Back in his office Ludwig has started on the first of his reports for Obergruppenfhurer Fuller. 'Zhis ist going to be a busy day' he sighs shaking his head and taking another sip of brandy. Taking out offical stamped paper he begins to write his findings about the now burnt down library.
Using offical stationary, a black gold pen he begins to write.
14th March 1941:
After searching, clearing and aprhending prisoner from the church on outskirts of local market town, said prisoner was questioned under torture, gave up imoportant sources.
Found and smashed one resistance outpost telephone exchange.
Boy in custody as you know.
Following another lead tipped off by our inside mole investigated old library within the town, burnt to the ground most likely those resistance rats. Searched said burnt library found nothing.
Officer Deitmajor searched around said library nothing again.
Church had tunnels, currently being investigated by officers Krauser and Stien.


'Enter' he calls looking up from his report as he neartly scrawls his signiture on the paper, reaching for the red sealed stamp he brings the stamp hard down on the bottom of the paper.

'Ah Kruaser, Stein gutt to see jou, sit down ja' he asks nodding at both.
'How ist Kurt? Ludwig asks adressing Ilsa first, she crosses her long booted legs and relaxes a little nodding at Ludwig 'he vill live ja, zhe doctor patched him up after our little scuffle, I asume zhe piggie hast been found' she says her voice hard at the same time.
Chuckling Ludwig nods 'ja as Krauser vill tell jou here after all he vas zhe von to catch him in zhe first place' he grins nodding to Hanz.
'Ja...vell it vas razher easy, piggies never get very far und Wollf helped' he smirks a little, as he does so his dark blue eyes sparkle a little 've had a little fun vith him before heading back to jour office' he explains smoothing down his uniform.
Keeping an eye on both Ludwig nods 'gutt zhat piggie should learn some mannersm, vhat did jou use zhis time? he asks wanting to know more.
Hanz grins a little 'vell I do have a knack at zhe hot poker but neine  zhat vas to easy for zhe piggie, Klaus und I decided to leave zhe poor ..naked piggie on zhe rack tied und stretched to his limits yet still alive, ve made sure zhe guard knew vhen to take him from zhe rack' he explains as Ludwig nods 'gut'.
'Now how did jou both get one vith zhe tunnels? he asks as Ilsa gives Ludwig a grin 'vell Hanz und I vere just getting around to giving jou zhe report before Zhe little piggie got loose' she explains as she looks at Hanz who nods 'care to explain or vill I? Isla asks her comrade. Hanz chuckles 'neine go ahead' he nods at her as he crosses his legs.
'Alright zhen zhis is vaht ve found after exploring, ve kept togezher vith zhe two troops ve took, von tunnel leads out to von of zhe main roads to Paris, zhe ozher leads into a zhick forrest und I beleive it is a passagevay across zhe mountains' she explains looking at Ludwig. 'So zhey zhink zhey can escape over zhe mountains?' he says smirking a little 'anyvone vho vould do zhat are more zhan crazy ja, zhose mountains are perilous' he explains thinking to himself.
'I have zhe report here for jou to check und read over' Hanz says reaching into his leather coat and pulling out a white cream bound file of papers, handing them to Ludwig he nods 'vhat do jou vish of us? he asks awaiting orders. Taking the report he opens it and begins to read to himself for at least five minutes then looks up 'Gut, Isla everyzhing is in order I have arranged a group of meine troops, I vant jou to go und check zhe forrests leading to zhe mountains out, zhis vill be at least a two day job' he explains as Ilsa nods 'ja herr kommandant' she replies.
'Hanz I vill need jou to stay here, Deitmajor vill be heading into zhe forrest south east of zhis market town to tighten zhe security, Reinhold has his orders und Wollf vill be collecting meine Paris later but...*he pauses for a moment 'Ve are heading into zhe town vith a prisoner very soon ja he vill be hanged, I vish to show zhose resistance rats not to meddle in our affairs. Hearing about this is news as Hanz blue eyes look serious and he widens them a little.
'so vhich von? he asks as Ludwig chuckles 'zhe von ve brought in from zhe church, Maurice' he explains. Hanz grins and nods 'Dou jou zhink zhat vill vork? he asks as Ludwig nods 'ja und if it does not zhen ve must take more drastic measures but for know he vill hang, und Hanz vhile ve are avay I need jou to keep a check on zhe piggies especially zhe french vone called...Francis' he says almost spitting his name out. Hanz raises an eybrow 'any reason vhy? he asks as Ludwig narrows his eyes 'neine do not question my orders'! he snaps suddenly as Hanz bows his head 'apologies herr Kommandant' he replies as Ludwig nods.
'Alright jou both have jour orders, dismissed!' Ludwig says waving his hand. Both stand and salute, Ilsa giving Hanz a light look then striding off out the office to collect and get ready for her mission.
'If jou do not mind Herr Kommandant I have a few zhings I vish to collect for vork back home' Hanz says keeping his deep blue eyed gaze on Ludwig who raises a brow and chuckles 'Jou vant to see jour vife again ja' he asks as Hanz nods 'Ja but also I have more reports to collect und give jou' he replies as Ludwig nods, a thought comes into his head *perhaps he can check on Paris vhile he ist zhere*.
'Very vell und Hanz I vould like jou to check on meiene frauline Paris vhile jour are zhere und report back to me ja' he orders as Hanz nods 'I vill Herr Kommandant, Heil Hitler!' he salutes and clicks his heels together as Ludwig waves a hand 'Dismissed' he says watching Hanz walk out the office. Ludwig looks at his watch 'Wollf should be back any moment unless..* he shakes his head knowing fine well that Wollf is quite capable of handling himself,

'VAHT VAS ZHAT JOU PIGGIE!!! Deitmajor yells out to the man chained to the wall in front of him, his back red raw with deep welts leaking blood. Bruises from earlier beatings cover his back in odd places. A pair of old taty black trousers hang from his waist.
'COME ON OR SHOULD I SAY JOUR NAME MAURCIE!' Deitmajor yells. His black tunic jacket hangs by the door of the piggie cell, he has secured Maurice's wrists to a hook from the ceiling of one of the piggie pen rooms.
'nngggg...stop ...' a tiny garbled painfull moan echoes from the man.
'NIENE I VILL NOT MEINE ARM IST NOT ZHE SAME AFTER JOU! Deitmajor yells as he brings his arm back and once more brings the leather flogger down on Maurices back.
'A....ARRRRRRGHH!! Maurice cries out as the leather connects deep into his skin ripping it further, he shakes in his bonds and pants '...nn...'
Blood drips down from the floor as he sags in the chains almost not moving.
Leaning in Deitmajor presses his hands against his neck feeling a faint pulse as he grips the mans chin 'oh how I vill enjoy vatching jou die!! Deitmajor grins looking at the beat up face of his prisoner.
Deciding to leave Maurice hanging there he walks over to the nearby sink and washes his hands clean of the blood. 'I zhink I vill leave jou hanging like zhis ja, after all zhe noose vill be around jour neck very soon' he replies in a menacing tone, a painfull murmer echoes from Maurice. Cleaning himself up he picks up his tunic and slides it on along with his hat, proceeding to walk out of the piggie room. Slamming the door shut he nods at the two guards 'keep an eye on him ja!' he orders and strides down the corridor twards Ludwigs office once more.

Back in his office Ludwig sighs and runs his hand once more over his blond slick backed hair *zhis is a razher long day* he thinks to himself as he eyes the black telephone and picking up the reciever he begins to dial.
'Ah, zhis is Kommandant Ludwig Beilschmidt, I vant jou to have tweleve of jour soldiers ready und vaiting for me, prepare zhe gallows I have a prisioner I vish to make an example of in zhe market town!!' Ludwig demands down the phone.
'Ja Zhis vill be done Kommandant! Heil Hitler!' comes the sharp replie at the end of the phone. Satisfied Ludwig places the reciever back in its cradle and gets to work writing more reports.

*knock knock*

Looking up from his reports he grins at the man standing in the doorway.
'Ah Wollf jou are back, did jou find anyzhing? anyvone? he asks as the blond shakes his head and sits down 'neine it vas a false alarm sir, I had meine men search zhe grounds und zhey found notzhing' he explains.
Leaning foreward Ludwig raises an eyebrow 'hmmmm very suspicious ja' he says slowly as Wollf nods 'ja but I suspect it could have been an animal ja, jou know zhere are several foxes und large animals near meien home' he explains as Ludwig nods 'Ja jou are right, still ve cannot be to carefull'
Wollf nods stroking his chin. 'Vhat are jou zhinking ja? Ludwig asks his friend.
Looking back up from the desk to Ludwig, Wollf begins 'I vas vondering about Paris' he asks, hearing Paris mentioned ludwig raises an eyebrow again 'Zhe city or meine liebe?' he asks curious as Wollf chuckles 'Jour Liebe, I vas vondering if jou could possibly let her help in meine office' he explains adding quickly by the look on Ludwigs face 'Help being making zhe tea or coffe for me ja' he says.
There is a long pause for a moment as Ludwig leans in 'and vhat is vrong vith leaving her at home? he asks a hint of amusment in his voice as his blue eyes twinkle hearing Wollf's idea. 'Ah jou are vorried she may try something are jou not? he asks catching Wollf's expression who nods kowing Ludwig has taken the bait.
'Vell leave it vith me I zhink she must prove to meineself she can be trusted first ja' he explains nodding. 'I also vas going to ask about zhe piggies' he says 'vhat about zhe piggies...*his expression changes to amusment once more 'I have a conversation vith Fluer vhen I dropped Paris off, she vas vondering too if she could show Paris zhe piggie feeding rota und perhaps like she does have her help out? he asks.
Hearing this Ludwig narrows his eyes a tiny bit 'she vill have to prove herself to me first ja depsite vhat Fluer vishes, I vill have a talk vith Paris tonight' he says nodding at Wollf.
'But for now ve have more important zhings to be getting on vith ja ve, zhat is Deitmajor und I have decided in order to make an example of zhe villagers und market folk ve are going to hang vone of our prisioners' he explains as Wollf tries his best to keep calm and remain cool 'vho? he asks.
'Zhe resistance rat ve caught earlier Maurcie' he expalins. *Schiezze* Wollf thinks *but zhe resistance knows he ratted zhem out zhe vill not be forgiving* he thinks as he nods 'he hast outlived his usefullness zhen? Wollf asks 'ja indeed he has so I vant jou to get ready, Deitmajor hast been ..occupied should I say vith our prisoner ve vill show no mercy, ve must show zhe townspeople ve mean business und not to mess vith us at any cost!!!!' Ludwig says firmly as Wollf nods 'Indded'.

The old blue tuck bumps along forrest dirt tracks, at times it seems and sounds like a struggle, bumping and lurching to one side.
'Merde the sooner we are on the proper road the better! Gabriel curses. 'Mon amie you will get used to these roads eh' Alexandre replies chuckling a little as he pulls the steeringwheel to the right and the whol truck lurches sideways almost knocking Gabriels head.
'Alexandre I will never get used to these dammed roads, if only we ad our beloved city back eh' he says looking at his friend. Gripping the wheel tight he nods 'and my sister' he replies thinking of the good times he and Paris had *just what where they doing to her, how much were they changing her?* he thinks as he grips the wheel tighter, he knew his sister was strong willed and spirited but it had been nearly two months since Paris had been captured.
Gabriel is silent for a moment his mind thinking hard on their mission, 'once we get the medicine we must hope Larry is better oui otherwise we cannot go ahead with our misson, out of the three of us I am the radio operator' he explains as Alexandre nods pressing harder on the accelorator trying to get to the town as quickly as possible.
'You are right we must also hope Trinette can hold out for a little longer oui' Alexandre replies adding 'I think we all agree unfortunetly children do get caught up in the war' he say shaking his head.
After an hours drive of bumpy forrest roads, the dirt finally begins to change to something more solid. Alexandre knew the exact route to drive in the forrest knowing fine well there were other roads deliberetly made to mislead any German convoys and send them into the path of well hidden and burried landmines.
'Be alert oui, the checkpoint is just around this corner and up ahead' Alexandre warns adding ' we are lucky we are not known to the Krauts unlike Lizel and Jaqus, keep calm and get the papers ready oui' Alexandre orders ad Gabreil chuckles 'mon amie you do not ave to tell me you know how well I ave trained in this team' Gabriel replies grinning at his friend who nods.
Driving along the now concrete road Alexandre turns the bend, green brown grass verges line both sides of the road, wooden fences begin to show and as he drives further along houses, mainly farmhouses begin to appear on either side of the road. Curious farmers, children look onto the road always happy to see a vehichle that is not just a German truck or bycicle.
Taking a deep breath and hoping his luck holds out Alexandre slows down to a crawl in front of the familar checkpoint, he glances at Gabriel who nods holding two sets of forged papers in his hand.
Keeping an eye on the wooden huts, releif washes over him as he realizes the gaurd from the other night is not their. Walking up to the truck a tall brown haired blue eyed soldier raps his knuckles on the glass. Winding down the window Alexandre gets a better look at the solider, as usual dressed in military grey of the wermacht, helmet and gun slinged acorss his shoulder holding it in both hands, another soldier stands at the opposite side of the truck, Alexandre glances over to see an officer standing off to the side.
'PAPEIRE!!!! the soldier demands as Alexandre is distracted by starring at the officer who glarres back.
Quickly Gabriel hands him the papers and he passes them to the soldier. 'They should all be in check oui' he says as the man grabs the papers and looks at them both opening them individually.
Time seems to tick on as both Alexandre and Gabriel look at one anohter *keep calm* they almost say to each other.
'Is zhere a problem ja?' a mans voice ehcoes. Both Gabriel and Alexandre turn there heads to the right hand side of the truck. The man walks closer and both can tell its an officer, SS Officer. He grabs the papers and looks them up and down as the boy stutters 'neine Hauptsturmfuhrer Klein' the boy replies as his superior looks up once more keeping his steely grey blue eyes on the boy, his attention is distracted by two huge steel jugs in the back.
'Vhat are zhey!!' he demands pointing at Alexandre keeps his calm knowing his own gun was just within reach.
'Dairy, fresh milk we are delivering to the local resturant' he explains. The mans eyes narrow 'vhat proof do jou have both of jou!!' he demands as Gabriel keeps looking. Alexandre goes to reach into his pocket, immedietly the Hauptstrumfuhrers hand pulls out his pistol and points it directly at Alexandres head.
With his heart beating fast his hand already on the paper and local adress when the gun was pulled he pulls out the paper, seeing this the officer curls his hand 'give' he orders. Handing over the adress it is quickly snatched up and scrutinized. After about five minutes of silence the officer nods, handing the adress and both papers back to the men.
'All in check und schnell ve do not like our milk to curdal ja!!! schnell Schnell!! he waves his black gloved hand at them. Starting the engine Alexandre watches as the barrier is raised and he begins to driver off slowly. 'That mon amie was to close' Gabriel says wipeing the sweat from his forehead 'for a moment there I thought we were going to ave to shoot them' he explains a look of releif in his blue eyes.
Alexandre nods 'oui but we got through that is the most important thing, now we deliver this milk then get the medicine' he says driving further down the road.

Finally reaching the market town both men look out the windows as they drive down the main road. The one thing they had noticed was more traffic, not a lot but more than they had sene, staff cars, little cars and bycles. Both sides of the street were linned with shops all kinds of shops.
Stopping just around the corner from the town square Alexandre cuts the engine, stepping down from the truck he finally lets out a sigh running his hands over his brown hair. Gabriel jons him patting his back 'you mon amie are a natural' he grins looking around.
'Mercie now help me with the milk' he asks as both he and Gabriel pull down the silver jugs, looking around Alexandre finds the side door to the resutrant and raps his knuckles 3 times on the door.
A moments pause then the door opens to reveal a rather round man, his clothes are grubby, brown hair hidden under a white hat, a grubby stained apron over his rather large belly 'Bonjour ah thank godness you ave the milk, he called ahead oui' he says winking at both Alexandre and Gabriel who look confused 'the man they call Pierre' he replies.
Hearing this Alexandre stops for a moment worried it could be a trap 'Monsuier do not look like that eh...Pierre and I we go back a long time and I am appy to help him' he grins then leans in whispering in Alexandres ear 'Pierre needed a proper excuse for you to get through, lately the security has been upped I am not sure why' he expalains adding 'He also told me you were looking for the chemist specifically black market medicine, down the far street to the left is Fabian's chemist, speak to him he will get what you need' he explains pulling back and patting Alexandre on the shoulder.
Nodding at both men he waves them inside the busy kitchen 'THERE THERE!!! he yells at both men, instantly Alexandre knows he is putting on a show pretending around them.  Both he and Gabriel finally dump the milk jugs in a corner. Looking up all around is steam, a busy busy kitchen and a few cheifs working around the clock to make food.
'Merice' Alexandre says nodding at the man before he and Gabriel finally step back outside and shut the door. 'Merde glad to be out....*his sentance is cut short when loud German shouts begin to echo all around them.
'What is going on?? Alexandre asks instantly worried as Gabriel looks around the side of the truck to see.

'Merde not good something is going down, come take a look!' Gabriel yells as Alexandre walks and stops.

Two grey green trucks thunder down the road, closely followed by three black town cars, behind them in an open topped geep a man in a dark uniform holds a megaphone.


As soon as the voice stops boots can suddenly be heard, doors being booted open, people yelling confused frightened, glass being smashed and loud loud German commands.
Gabriel looks at his side arm and goes for it only for Alexandre to put his hand over it shaking his head his blue eyes serious 'non if we were to be caught what good would it do for us? or for any of our friends oui, this place is swarming with Kruats who knows if the Gesthapo is around, we must tread carefully!' he explains.
Nodding Gabriel quickly follows Alexandre twards the towns square, they make thier way along the cobbled street towards a large fountain and the town square.
Getting there Gabriel gasps 'Merde a hanging!!!' 'oui' Alexandre replies balling his fists 'those battard Kruats!! he curses. True enough a wooden Gallows had been set up right in the middle of the town square. The two german trucks parked at either side of the gallows the town cars and geep behind.
'Question is who are they hanging? and just who is doing the hanging??' Gabriel asks. Luckily both blended in with the crowd looking like ordinary french men.
A ring of soldiers form a barrier around the townspeople preventing anyone from escaping or leaving.

A moment later both questions are answered.
Tweleve soldiers from the local Garrison march smartly up to the gallows, all dressed in green, rifles at the ready, boots shinning as they line up either side of the gallows.
Moments later black suits can be seen.
Gabriel looks at Alexandre who has gone a tad pale and balls his fists so tight his nails dig into the skin.
'That...that battard that...Schiezee that merde Rottweiler!!!!!! Alexandre curses as he starres striaght over to where Ludwig is walking out, his blue eyes emotionless cold like ice. *that dammed battard Ill shoot you right now!* he thinks to himself.
Gabriel notcies him tense and he grabs his arm squeezing it whispering 'remeber our friends..your sister oui she will not get helped if you are dead or caught!'

Ludwig keeps his face expressionless as he begins to walk out into the courtyard. Beside him walks Wollf and Reinhold both imaculetly dressed as usual, behind him Deitmajor takes great pleasure in ordering two other black clad soldiers to drag the Prisoner along. The sound of clanking can be heard from both the mans hands and feet as he tries his best to keep his footing being dragged along, a cream sack over his head and a pair of grubby dark brown trousers, a bloodstained white shirt covers his chest.
Nodding to Deitmajor Ludwig orders his soldiers to drag the man up to the gallows.
'Move ja or Vill I just shoot jou here! Deitmajor orders, a whimper can be heard through the sack as the man walks to the gallows. 'Ja ja zhere zhat is perfect!' Ludwig orders as the noose is brought down over Maurcie's neck.
Walking up the wooden steps Ludwig stands beside the gallows.
Nodding to Deitmajor who pulls the hood from Maurice.
Some gasps in the crowd but most people stay quiet horrified at the state of the man they see.
Maurice's face is just recognisable through deep purple brusing, burn marks and swelling, a large gash is visable on his left temple still bleeding, cuts and brusies litter all his visable skin, the skin around his neck looks burned as if pokers had been used on him, his eyes look vaccant almost as if he wants it over with.

It takes all Gabriels strength to hold back Alexandre as he curses and pulls against him. 'MERDE!! he yells seeing the state of his once friend Maurice.
'Let go battard!' he growls as Gabriel shakes his head holding tighter 'get a grip otherwise our whole opertion will be blown, I know this is ard for you but think of your sister!!! he growls queitly.
Alexandre is raging as he starres over at the crowd of Nazis, Wollf catches his eye. The Officer gives but the faintest of nods at Alexandre as if to say *you need to keep calm otherwise he will suspect you!*. Keeping eye contact for just a brief moment, Alexandre reads Wollf's expression his cool blue eyes warning him.
Slowly he calms down taking several deep breaths, a few of the crowd look at him and Gabriel quickly covers 'my friend know like many of you do not like these Krauts' he whispers slowly earning the nods of a mother holding her two frightened children 'one day they will be gone oui' she barely whispers back, her green eyes wide and scared. Both men nod.
'One day I will kill that nazi Kraut that Rottweiler just you wait' Alexandre says quietly his voice full of hate as Gabriel nods 'oui you and me both' he whispers back knowing they are being watched by the soldiers.


Alexandre goes still and pale seeing the grainy photo they have made of Lizel.
'Merde' he curses as Gabriel starres once more nodding then whispers 'glad she is safe oui'. 'We got out just in time' Alexandre barely whispers back. The crowd begins to murmer a little scared yet thier eyes are locked on to the nazis and the poster.

'NOW I AM GIVING JOU ALL A CHANCE, IF ANYVONE KNOWS HER TO STEP FOREWARD NOW, IF NOT ZHEN I VILL SHOW JOU VHAT HAPPENS!!' He commands his eyes scanning the crowd for any suspicious reaction, both Gabriel and Alexandre know they must stand there and not react in order to keep under the radar of the Nazi Kommandant.

There is a long silence as no one reacts, a child begins to cry his mother trying her best to stiffle his cries as Ludwig looks over in that direction nodding. At once one of the garrison soldiers grabs the mother by the arm violently and pulls her aside. Dragging her along twards the gallows and Ludwig.
Wollf watches on emotionless he has learned to control his emotions in order to play both sides of the coin. Reinholds eyes look over twards the mother, her brown hair has come loose from her braid, her brown eyes are wide in fear as she tries desperetly to keep her son from crying, he is clinging to her hand, a scruffy blond boy about three years old.
As the woman is dragged up to the front, Ludwig looks down on the woman 'Do jou ave somezhing to confess ja?? he asks his voice cold and emotionless.
The woman shakes clearly scared as her son looks down at the ground murmering something.
'Vaht vas zhat?' Ludwig asks nodding to Deitmajor who walks calmly back down the wooden gallow steps and strides over to the boy. Pulling the boy from his mother who cries out 'Jules!!!!!' she tries to fight against the soldier holding her back and in the process something gold falls ouf of her dress hanging around her neck.
At once Deitmajor recognizes this and smirks 'a jew' he grins looking up at Ludwig who seems surprised and amused.
'Bring zhem both up here!' Ludwig commands as Deitmajor nods pulling on the boys arm tight so tight he cries out 'mamma...hurting me!!!!' he tries to pull back but shakes in fear at the same time as he's dragged up the wooden steps onto the gallows just along from the man about to be hung.
Walking over to the woman ludwig starres at her from top to toe as if mocking her, he lifts his crop up making her look into his eyes.
'So do jou have somezhing to say or perhaps jou flithy jew have somezhing to hide ja? he asks his voice cold and calculating. The woman starres back at him trying her best not to show she is scared as Ludwig eyes the child. 'And jou Jules do jou know zhis lady?' he asks showing the poster of Lizel. The boy pales and shakes, immedietly a yellow puddle begins to form at the bottom of his feet, his lower lip trembles as Ludwig looks disgusted 'TELL ME!' he shouts.
Keeping his eyes on the ground 'm...mmmama gave her extra bread' he stutters out. Hearing this Ludwig raises an eyebrow 'for vhat? he asks wanting to find more information out.
'Jules....merde do not say!! his mother pleads. Ludwig chuckles 'so jou are hiding information from me ja! tell me! Ludwig probes as Jules shakes tears running down his face 'for her for her family' he finally gets out crying hard now.
Hearing this Ludwig narrows his eyes knowing Lizel did have someone close to her but whom had dissapeared.
Turning back to the woman he looks at her coldly 'Is zhis true ja? he asks as she meekly nods.
'non..n..non please...please ...' she pleads as he shakes his head and waves the soldier, dropping his voice he keeps his gaze 'jou are lucky I did not shoot jou be thankfull, pehaps jou may survive' he grins.
At once she is dragged off by two soldiers. 'Mammma maaaaammm!!! Jules yells as Deitmajor shoves him twards another mean looking guard who lifts the child over his shoulder and strides to the waiting truck.

Both Gabriel and Alexandre watch on in silent horror looking at each other. 'if we ad enough men we could ambush that truck' Alexandre whispers as Gabriel nods looking equally determined. 'It is too risky, we do not ave enough men nor do we want them knowing who we are' Gabriel says back shaking his head looking determined yet beaten at the same time.
Alexandre growls and balls his fists knowing innocent people are dying 'Merde you are right I do not want to end up dead or captured ending up like Maurice here.
Both look back to the gallows.

'NOW IS ZHERE ANYVONE ELSE VHO VOULD LIKE TO CONFESS OR HAVE I MADE MEINSELF CLEAR!!! Ludwig yells this time into the crowd, no one saying another word but scared and horrified onlookers cannot keep thier eyes from the gallows and the poor french man ready to be hung.

'VELL ZHEN LET US GET ON VITH ZHIS DEMONSTRATION JA! Ludwig grins coldly as he walks over to Maurice and grabs his chin tight 'So my little rat zhis is farevell, anyzhing jou vould like to say before jou are hanged?' Ludwig asks as Deitmajor stands by the leaver excitment in his eyes at the prospect of this little rat being hung.

Maurice glarres the best he can with his eyes half shut due to the beating hes taken. He begins to murmer something:

'Vive la resistance!!!'

'So be it zhen!' Ludwig says stepping away he nods to Deitmajor who instantly grinning pulls down on the leaver, the trapdoor beneath Maurice's feet opens and he drops.
Strangled grunts can be heard as the rope bites deep into his neck, he swings, his eyes bulging in their socket as his body struggles for breathe.
A moment later a loud crunch can be heard and Maurice's head lols to one side his body no hanging limp and lifeless.

The whole market suqare goes quiet as everyone including Alexandre and Gabriel look on in horror not having a word to say.

Fallen for the Enemy chapter 28
So finally ive managed to get this chapter finished, this one took a long time to write, i was battling with back problems but finally its done, Paris is not in this chapter this is more focused on Ludwig and his ss officers and the resistance. What will happen to poor Maurice, trinette and larry read and fine out XD

Feel free to like and please comment its always helpful for me!

Hope you like so far.
Character heads (wip)
So ive started another set of wip character heads from my story Fallen for the Enemy, these ones were fun to draw :) especially my eye patch guy XD ive another two characters to add on this sheet then ink and color.

So the ss officer with the eye patch his name is Buherr Stholler, and he is one rather evil officer! he loves nothing more than to get back at his commanding officer Ludwig, not only that but also take his lover and torture her for information.

Then we have Ludwig Beilschmidtt. the main character in my story well my main Nazi, he has fallen for my character Paris who is part of the french resistance.

Anyways these are just sketeches so far will add the full info when im fully finished.


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