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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 19
FALLEN For the Enemy
   Chapter 19
'Mein engel how vas zhat?' he asks as Paris finishes her coffe and smiles 'it was good thank you, I did not know you liked french food' she says slowly as Ludwig chuckles.
'zhere is a lot jou do not know about me but in time jou vill get to know me better' he replies as he finishes up in the kitchen walking back to the table where Pairs is sitting.
'Mein liebe jou look vorried' he says softly as he takes her hands.
Paris shakes her head remembering her conversation with Wollf, 'non I am just nervous' she replies looking into his blue eyes.
Ludwig keeps her hands in his as he nods 'I understand ja, jou vill not be used to zhese balls but jou vill be perfectly safe Paris, at zhis ball ve vill have to mingle vith zhe guests to jou understand' he says slowly.
Nodding Paris replies 'oie I do'
Ludwig pulls her out of the chair and close to him whispering 'Jou do know jour fruend Fluer vill be zhere too, jou may mingle and talk vith her' he says sl
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 18
Fallen for the Enemey
  Chapter 18
Paris awakes slowly as she feels the strong arms of Ludwig hold her close, she blinks a few times as soft sunlight begins to tricke through the gap in the dark curtains. Reaching up she rubs a her head feeling a tiny headache begin to come on.
Hearing gentle snores beside her she smiles a tiny bit as she gently moves out of Ludwigs arms, she slides out of the bed carefull not to wake Ludwig as she yawns a little. Stretching she winces feeling the pain of her whip wounds on her back *merde* she curses to herself as she slowly slips into the bathroom closing the door.
Walking to the mirror Paris starres at her reflection and sighs a little she can tell her eyes look a little differnet whethter its sadness or perhaps they look a little stronger, she begins to wash her face with cool water to wake herself up.
Ludwig slowly awakens and finds the bed empty having a little moment of panic he sits bolt upright as he starres around the bedroom.
'Paris!' h
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 17
Fallen for the Enemy
  Chapter 17
Thoughts swirl around in Alexandre's head as he grips the wheel driving slolwy back to the town before curfew, shadows are staring to outline themseleves on the road and paths, the sky is beginning to darken as Dusk falls.
'Maurice why the hell did you run back into the church? he asks himsef as he shakes his head. *with that amount of vehichles ...Merde* he thinks to himself as he narrows his eyes.
'You had better be strong mon amie' Alexandre says outloud to himself, he keeps a steady pace and drives along the road unnoticed as he approaches the old Library he pulls up an alleyway and parks the car.
Getting out he walks around to the boot and opens it looking at the crate of oranges underneath the weapons. He lifts it up and walks to the old side door of the library where he kicks the door twice. A moment later Jaqus opens it, a ciggarette in his mouth immedietly Jaqus can tell somethings up.
'What happened? he asks as he helps Alexandre inside
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 16
Fallen for the Enemy
 Chapter 16
The sun is shinning through the closed curtains as Ludwig finally opens his eyes, blinking several times he looks at Paris who has not moved. He frowns a little studying her face, her eyes are shut tight as she mumbles something.
Suddenly Paris bolts upright and lets out a loud scream.
'ahhhhhhh!!!' Ludwig is at once by her side pulling her gently into a hug, his blue eyes full of concern.
'Paris...meine liebe, everyzhing is alright!' he says slowly. Paris shakes and shakes her head 'non....she was...she was there...that...she devil' Pairs pants her face pale as she clutches onto Ludwig.
Ludwig holds her tight and kisses her head 'shhhh Paris jou are safe zhey are dead und gone von can hurt jou' he says gently stroking Paris back at the same time.
After about five minutes Paris finally calms down and lays back down in the bed, turning her head to Ludwig. '' she says quietly. Nodding he leans back into the pillows himself a
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 15
Fallen for the Enemey
Chapter 15
Early dawn is beginning to break, a trickle of light coming through the thick closd drapes. The room is filled with shadows and in the corner slumped on the chair sleeps Ludwig. His blond hair falling out of place, a half bottle of Brandy on the table next to him. How white shirt slightly crumpled as he takes deep gentle breaths.
He is alone in the room, Deitmajor deciding to leave his friend and Kommandant in the early hours of the morning after much talk and some drink.
Ludwig continues to sleep, his face a mask of worry frowning in his sleep.
'Paris...' he mutters 'dont leave...jou are mein Gretchen' he whispers in his sleep unaware of anything going on. A silent tear roles down his cheek.
Ludwig jerks awake with a start, his heart beating fast as his hand automatically goes for his luger pistol on the table. Holding it tight he yells 'vho is it!
'Herr Bielschmidt!, jou are require to komm vith us!! the authoritive voice yells.
'Und for
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 14
Fallen for the Enemy
  chapter 14
Stholler claps loudly as the two waiters walk to the table, beginning to clear away plates they say nothing disspearing with them.
Turning to Paris he smiles sending tiny shivers up Paris 'for desert since jou are french und french do love zhier patiseries ve shall have zhem und cream cakes ja, vith vine und coffe' he explains.
Paris starres at him nodding slolwy. 'ooooh pastries my faveroute!!!! Cassandre chimes in then asks 'but vhat about zhe surprise?? she asks. Stholler turns to her and kisses her lips 'just be patient little one' Stholler says softly giving her a kiss.
'But I vant to find out' Cassandre pouts as Stholler shakes his head 'first ve eat' he says.
Paris watches them both thinking to herself *those two...deserve to be in hell*, she shakes her head a tiny bit wincing a little again. The waiters come back in pushing a large silver trolly full of plates of cakes and delicious pastries.
Paris eyes widen as she starres at the pastries
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Chibi Comssions are open
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FALLEN For the Enemy

   Chapter 19

'Mein engel how vas zhat?' he asks as Paris finishes her coffe and smiles 'it was good thank you, I did not know you liked french food' she says slowly as Ludwig chuckles.
'zhere is a lot jou do not know about me but in time jou vill get to know me better' he replies as he finishes up in the kitchen walking back to the table where Pairs is sitting.
'Mein liebe jou look vorried' he says softly as he takes her hands.
Paris shakes her head remembering her conversation with Wollf, 'non I am just nervous' she replies looking into his blue eyes.
Ludwig keeps her hands in his as he nods 'I understand ja, jou vill not be used to zhese balls but jou vill be perfectly safe Paris, at zhis ball ve vill have to mingle vith zhe guests to jou understand' he says slowly.
Nodding Paris replies 'oie I do'
Ludwig pulls her out of the chair and close to him whispering 'Jou do know jour fruend Fluer vill be zhere too, jou may mingle and talk vith her' he says slowly. Hearing this Pairs smiles a little 'that would be nice' she replies.
'now less vorrying ve must go und get ready ja' he purrs into her ear adding 'zhe car vill be hear to pick us up at 19.30hrs' he says and suddenly grabs Paris under her legs and lifts her up again running back up the same hall he raced down earlier.
'Ludwig!' she exclaims yet again as he sets her back on her feet in the bedroom smiling 'mein engel' he purrs adding 'let us get ready' he says softly.
Paris nods as she feels Ludwig beginnign to ubutton her dress and slide it over her head, he starres at her body for a long moment going a little red as he smiles.
'now ve must make sure jou are perfect ja' he purrs softly.
Holding a new white pair of stockings and bra he hands her them as she takes slipping them on and smiling a little herself. 'Now for zhe dress ja' Ludwig says holding the blue dress which catches the light already.
Paris smiles seeing this, she has never wore anything just as lovely ever. She lets Ludwig slip the dress over her and she pulls the skirts down hands begin to do the criss cross straps against her back smiling a little 'zhe dess is a perfect fit und zhe shoulder straps help support' he says slowly.
Something hits Paris suddenly as she jolts a little 'wait!.. my marks...the whip crop marks? she asks paling tiny bit.
Ludwig leans in closely and gently takes her head 'Paris mien engel jou have nozhing to vorry about' he says keeping his voice reasurring he points to a tiny midnight blue short cardigan which he holds for her.
Paris walks to the large mirror in the wardrobe and turns around, looking over her shoulder she can see how well the straps criss cross over her back but frowns seeing the still healing whip and crop marks.
'Zhink of zhem as herr Fuller has told jou, zhink of zhem as jour stripes making jou stronger' he says slowly his face looking concered as he takes Pairs hands once more.
'oui..but what of the ball...the guests..' she trails off her blue eyes serious.
Ludwig looks at her once more his blue eyes warm 'zhey are avare of vhat jou have been through' he says gently and leads her to the dressor as she sits down, she watches as ludwig begins to gently brush at her hair and unwanted memories threaten to surface once more, ones of Cassandre dressing and playing with her.
Paris shivers as she pushes these down 'mein engel?' Ludwig asks concern in his voice 'non I am fine' she replies watching as Ludwig begins to wind her hair into braids.
After about fifeteen minutes of sorting her hair Pairs gasps, Ludwig has wound up two sides of her hair and braided them together at the back of her head leaving the rest of her long blond hair freely down her back.
Paris starres as she nods as he reaches into the drawer and pulls out a red velvet box.
'Close jour eyes Paris' he says softly as Paris wonders what he has got, she closes her eyes thinking *am I strong enough for this ball??* Something cold lands on her breast as she feels Ludwig fumble about then finally hears a tiny click.
'Open joure eyes' he commands softly as Paris does so she gasps her eyes going wide, sitting just about her breasts is beutifull sliver and diamond necklace, three parts on it, two silver tear drops at either side then a larger silver one with a blue saphirrie resting insdie.
'Ludwig,.this is...this...' she trails of as he smiles kissing her head 'Zhis is for jou ja ' he purrs as Pairs starres in the mirror.
'now gloves, shoes und bag ja' he says then adds 'I vill get ready meinself too' he walks to the wardrobe once more and pulls out a pair of elbow length white satin gloves as well as a dark midnight blue purse.
'Laslty ah here jou are' he exclaims pulling out a pair of 4 inch silver studdied heals.  
Paris smiles as she take them and slides them slowly on, standing up with ease. 'Jou mien engel are a picutre of beuty ja' he says softly making Pairs go red a little as she thinks to herself *non I really....* she shakes her head. Taking her bag Paris decides to leave Ludwig to get ready as she walks slowly down the hall way to the window seat and sits at the window looking out. *one day I will get away and things will be different*

Ludwig smiles at himself as he dresses his thoughts are all on Pairs thinking how lovely she looks as he mutters 'Gretchen' once more. He begins to gell back his hair and get dressed into his formal dinning uniform, he pulls on his white jacket and adds his medals and braids to the jacket.
Smoothing down his uniform he nods to himself as he adds his ceremonial dagger to the unifrom, pulling on his smart shoes he smiles walking back to the sitting room he finds Paris at the window seat.
'Jou really like sitting zhere' he says softly as Pairs looks over 'hmmm..' she trails off seeing him all dressed and ready her face flushing.
'Paris tonight I vant jou to enjoy zhis' he says taking her hands once more 'I know jou zhink ve are monsters ja, not of of us are' he explains slowly as Paris starres at him thinking *perhaps but most are*
Ludwig leans over to the window and sees a Black limo approach.
'ah zhe car is here mein engel Paris kom let us go' he says slowly taking Paris hand he walks out of the appartment then walks with her down the three flights of starres, opening the front door he nods as Paris stands beside him.
'Herr Beilschmidtt' the drive salutes as Ludwig locks the door and takes Paris arm as they walk to the car, he lets Paris slide in first then he follows as the door is shut.
'where is this ball? Paris asks wondering as she gets comfy in the leather seats of the car.
Putting a hand on her knee Ludwig smiles 'zhe ball is being held in a huge mansion ve have aquirred for some time, it is about half and hour avay' he explains as Paris nods.
Watching out of the car window she sees the road gradually becoming more and more busy and knows this is somewhere shes never been before. Ludwig notices she is tense as he takes her hand 'mein engel jou vill be safe notzhing vill happen Paris' he says softly.
Paris looks at him and nods 'Just after everything thats happened....him...' she says slowly shaking as Ludwig pulls her close and whispers 'Liebchen he is gone...jou do not need to zhink of him' he says soothing her.
The car pulls into a huge mansion, Paris starres out the window this is bigger than Ludwigs, or even Sthollers this is huge, she watches as the car drives round a large fountain then parks.
The door opens and Ludwig gets out first then reaches in to help Paris as she exits the car, she gasps looking around. The huge white mansion is drapped in the red white and black nazi flags, there are huge flower baskets all around, there are candles set up all around the mansion and in lines up both sides of the enterence. A ruby red carpet lines the starres entering the mansion.
'shall ve? Ludwig asks slowly as Paris takes a deep breath nodding 'alright' she says slowly as Ludwig takes her arm and walks her up the red carpet, she notices there are trooper guards in their formal uniforms guarding the stairs at the bottom and once they reach the top another two guard, the salute and the butler opens the door for both.

Paris walks inside with Ludwig and gasps at the vastness of the insdie of the mansion, white tiled floor, huge white marble staircase and once more the nazi banners decorating the place.
'Zhis vay' Ludwig says as he leads her to the right and along a corridor, Paris can hear music playing louder as they approach and voices lots of laughing and chatting,
She holds back a little as Ludwig looks at her 'Leibchen do not vorry' he says once more genlty.  Paris looks at him and nods as he leads her to the huge glass doors which open for them as they both walk inside.

There is a sudden hush as Paris and Ludwig walk inside, Paris cannot help but gasp at the beuty of the room. Looking around the room has a huge cieling decorated in golden and brown tiles with various painting on them, a huge 3 tired crystan chandileer hangs from the centre of the ceiling. Paris takes in the long red drapes pulled back with golden ties on every one of the 9 huge glass pained windows which line both sides of the ballroom.
The floor is made up of a golden smooth floor which reflects the light from the chandileer. To the right hand side of the ballroom there are little black sofas and tables filled with what Paris can only think of is snacks of some sort.
Long Nazi banners decorate the walls on either side of the ballroom. Paris looks over to the very end where she sees an Orchestra playing just below some sort of stage.
As she stands there with Ludwig she is aware of many faces landing on her, she shifts a little feeling uncomfortable until she spies Fluer and Wollf in amoungst the crowd, Ludwig squeezes her hand.

'Ah velcome Frauline Paris Bellarose' Booms Fullers voice as he makes his way through the crowd twards both of them.

Paris starres at him he is dressed just like the night...*she shivers a little pushing those thoughts aside*, he is dressed perfectly in his formal white suit, his medals pinned to him, the red armband on his left arm.
His greyish eyes seem to sparkle and light up as he walks closer to Paris starring at her from top to bottom. His greyish hair has been neatly combed back and Paris can see his iron cross is pinned neatly to his unifrom.
Walking straight up to her he nods at Ludwig then takes Paris right gloved hand and kisses it. Paris starres at him not sure of what to do.
'I must say Ludvig jou have done a great job vith her, jou mien dear look a picture of Beuty' he says slowly shaking her hand. Pairs notices a blond woman dressed in a dark green dress with a white feather boa around her watching, she thinks to herself *is that his wife??*
Taking Paris hand he nods at Ludwig as he begins to lead her through the crowd of guests.
'where...' Paris trails off as Ludwig chuckles a little 'mein engel do not vorry' he says softly. Paris follows Fuller as he leads her twards the front of the crowds, she feels almost as if shes a tiny aunt yet she takes a deep breath thinking *non I can do this!*
Waving a hand yet again the crowd goes a silent as Fuller begins to talk, Ludwig stands beside Paris at the same time looking over the guests,
'Mein guests, here ve have zhe star of zhe ball Paris Bellarose, many of jou here have heard about her und vho she is' Fuller booms out to the crowd as Paris starres her heart getting faster.
'Tonight ve vill have photos taken, dance, drink but ve vill also get to have a look at some very special guests ja' he booms then claps his hands as the music starts up and the guests begin to move around.
Looking at Pairs he nods 'jou vill like zhe special guests ve have Paris, now ve must get zhese photos done und out of zhe vay' he says a smile on his face.
'Komm I vant jou to meet somvone ja' Fuller says his voice almost gentle like almost like a tigers purr.
Paris looks at Ludwig who nods as she follows fuller to one corner of the room cleared to make way for photos.
A young man dressed in a white shirt and black tie, black trouses smiles at her. Paris looks at him, he has tidy brown slicked back hair and a youthfull face if it wasnt for the red armband around his arm she would have thought him as any other normal man.
'Bonjour mademoiselle Bellarose' he says softly seeing the surprise in her eyes.
'ah your surprised I speak french non? he asks as he looks at her. Paris nods 'oie...I am' she replies slowly.
Fuller steps in and grins a little 'zhis fine young man ist Gert Muller und he is a fine photographer but also...' Fuller pauses and looks at Paris his eyes landing on some of her bruises and the mark stil showing around her neck.
Paris gasps realizing her marks 'wait...what about??? she trails off as Gert chuckles 'Mademoiselle do no vorry I have a gift at showing a models beuty und jou are no expection, zhere is a special zhing I do to mein photos trust me jour marks vill not be seen, now if you both please, Herr Fuller has ordered me to take photos of both Jou und Herr Beilschmidt first, zhen I vill take zhem of all three und finally jou Paris' he explains.
Hearing this Paris suddenly goes a little cold thinking *what if...what if my brother finds out??!* she thinks remembering what Wollf had told her.
'Now kom mein dear' Gert says as he gently takes Pairs hand and leads her over to a chair as he positions her, 'now jou' he says nodding to Ludwig who walks over, 'stand behind then chair' he orders.
Paris feels slightly detached as she is made to pose for the photos, three with Ludwig, three with Fuller adn Ludwig at either side then at least nine on her own.
'zhere now jou very perfect ja! Gert exclaims as Fuller grins 'zher gut, I asume zhese vill be ready as soon as zhey can' he asks as Gert nods 'Ja Herr Fuller zhey vill be' he replies and begins to tidy his stuff.

'Vell now zhat is over vhy do ve not all go und enjoy zhe ball, enjoy zhe food und mingle ja? Fuller says chuckling a little as he squeezes Pairs hand. 'Jou vere perfect frauline' he says his eyes sparkling almost giving Paris a chill.
Pairs nods slowly as she watches him walk off into the ground twards another group of what she can guess are high ranking nazis, she feels a hand on hers as Ludwig gently pulls her to him and whispers 'jou vere brave mein engel' he says softly leaning in to give her a kiss on the lips.
Paris kisses back but breaks the kiss looking at him 'what happens to the photos? she asks slowly already knowing the answer.
Ludwig thinks for a moment and smiles a little 'zhe vill get sorted und handed to Obergruppen fuller, zhe vill be printed in our propoganda books' he explains.
Paris cant help a little gasp hearing this as Ludwig notices 'mien engel vhat is vrong?' he asks then adds dipping his voice to a whisper 'jou are zhinking about jour friends ja? he says slowly he can tell for Paris eyes as he keeps her close 'let us forget zhem for zhe time being ja' he says his voice gentle but firm at the same time.
Looking into his eyes Paris can see he is serious as she pushes down her emotions and nods slowly.
'Now zhe music is vhy dont ve dance ja' he says softly leading her by the hand into the middle of the dancing couples and pairs on the ballroom floor. Paris places her hand on his shoulder as she takes his other hand and he does the same, a slow waltz plays as Ludwig begins to slowly dance, Paris is surprised at this as she whispers 'I thought you said you did not dance'. Ludwig gives her a tiny grin 'ja,...I did say zhat but ...sometimes I surprise myself' he replies gently swaying with Paris.
The music stops and begins to play a more faster song as Ludwig smiles and pulls away, reaching out for two champagne glasses he smiles raising his glass 'a toast to zhe most beutifull voman I have come across ja' he says as Paris raises her glass and clinks it.
'now vhy dont jou go und mingle I zhink I saw Fluer und Wollf earlier' he says giving her a reasurring smile.
Paris nods as she looks around for a moment then looks back to find Ludwig gone.
'Ludwig?? she asks as a gloved hand lands on her shoulder. Paris gasps as she turns around and instantly smiles regognizing the blue eyes of Otto Wollf.
''May I have zhis dance mademoiselle?' he asks politly. Paris cant help but smile as she nods handing her empty glass to a waitor. 'oui you may' she replies as he gently takes her by the hand and dances spinning her around a little as she follows him with her steps eventually slowly at a less crowded part of the ballroom.

Wollf begins to speak in fluent quiet french 'your brother and I are planning to call each other after the ball' he says slowly adding quickly 'Paris do not react we are being watched at every turn' he says keeping his voice steady and quiet as he spins her around yet again.
'oui' she replies and gives him a smile feeling hope inside she asks 'are you..will you get him to speak to me or...if possible' she trails off.
Wollf frowns a little but nods 'it will be hard but I will make sure I do my best' he replies.
'now I bid jou farevell fair lady' Wollf replies as he finished the dance and breaks of to mingle leaving Paris with hope in her heart.  She turns around and hears a familiar voice yell over the crowd and music, she turns her head and sees Fluer make her way through the crowd followed by Hanz.
Paris starres as she comes closer 'oh my you look wonderfull! Fluer exclaims in french starring at Paris dress and hair. Paris suddenly embraces Fleur into a hug as she pulls back.
'and you the suits you' she replies as she takes Fluer in, her long blond hair has been all styled and put to one side of her neck, her dress is a blue and studdied from her breasts down and into an x shape the skirt parts revealing a light blue, she wears light blue elbow length gloves as she smiles at Paris, something light blue floats behind her and Pairs realizes Fluer has a little cape and also a rather beutifull neck collar, something inside of her wonders if it is a shock collar but the way she and Hanz are around each other makes her think its just a normal collar.
Hanz coughs a little beside Fluer as Pairs starres, he is dressed like many in his formal whites and holds his hand out to Paris 'may ve dance ve have not really had zhe chance to talk ja' he says as Fluer chuckles 'Paris dear, I will be over at the seats' she says in french adding 'once you have finished come and we can chat' she says smiling and giving Hanz a peck on the cheek she heads into the crowd.
Smiling a little Hanz looks at Pairs as he reaches out for her hand and takes it gently beginning to dance with her 'jou are most interesting frauline Paris, mien vife tells me about jou, she vas most surprised to find jou vith us' he says slowly as he twirls her around. Paris is aware of him starring at the marks on her neck as she replies back slowly 'that I did not get a choice now did I?' she says as Hanz grins a little hearing this.
'ja jou did not however I heard vaht he did to jou ja, herr Stholler' he says slowly as he keeps dancing with her adding 'jou showed jour true self ja, jour strong unlike some of zhe otzher voman I have come across' he adds.
Hearing the name brings back unwelcome memories which threaten to overtake her mind as she starres at Hanz.
'Please excuse me I must talk with Fluer' she says trying to keep her voice from shaking.
Hanz looks a little put out but nods 'farvell frauline und vhen jou have finished chatting vith mein vife do send her in mein direction ja' he says gently kissing her gloved hand as Paris nods and struggles to keep her calm thinking *I am surrrouned by all of them...monsters...nazis*
As she makes her way through the crowd a woman laughs lightly and emerges from two other men. Her smile a dazzling white as he red lipstick contrasts, her blue eyes lock on Paris and sparkle a little.
'Paris Bellarose' she says smiling as she makes her way twards Paris.
Paris starres at the lady she has shoulder length slightly wavy blond hair, two tiny beuty marks under each eye, she is wearing a red dress showing her large chest it is studdied with diamonds, the dress has a slit up one side showing her leg and her six inch golden heals, she wears white gloves on either arm.
Moving with ease in the crowds she takes both Paris hands and leans in giving her a light kiss on her cheek 'Vell jou look dazzling ja' she purrs.
Paris starres then realizes this is Ilsa as she nods 'Mercie Ilsa Stien am I right' she asks as the woman nods 'of course darling Ludwig has yet to tell me a lot more about jou our star of zhe ball' she purrs. Paris starres at her and nods wondering about how she knows Ludwig as she looks at her 'forgive me for asking but how do you know Ludwig? she asks as the waitor hands another glass of champagne to both ladies.
Isla smiles as she stands taking half the champage in one gulp she chuckles 've go back a long time, ve studied at university togezher but vhen ve joined zhe army ve vere posted to different destinations' she explains as Paris listens to this and wonders if there is more history.
'now darling how are jou enjoying zhe ball? she aks adding 'Herr Fuller alvays hosts zhe most vonderfull of balls ja, und it is a shame mein husband vas not here tonight jou und him vould get along just fine' she says smiling.
Pairs nods wondering what she ment as she replies 'I am enjoying I am not used to this' she replies as Ilsa squeezes her hand 've all know vhat jou vent zhrough jou are a tigress' she replies as she smiles once more adding 'I look forvard to getting to know jou more darling but now I must mingle' she replies.
Nodding Paris watches as Ilsa dissapears into the crowd she scans the crowd looking for Ludwig but cant see him.

Looking around Paris feels the need to go and sit down, being around all these people doesnt help those nasty memories bubbling up, that and her feet are beginning to hurt just a little in the heals.
A hand on her shoulder makes her jump slighty as she turns around to see Deitmajor standing there 'May I have zhis dance Paris'he asks gently taking he glass from her hand and handing it to the waitor who walks off.
'I..i' she gets out a littl startled then replies ' may'
Deitmajor nods gently taking her hand beginning to move slowly to the music he begins to talk 'Herr Kommandant really loves jou I hope jou do not dissapoint him' he says slowly as Paris starres into his eyes and shakes her head thinking about her recent feelings for Ludwig.
'non' she replies quietly as he leans in closer whispering 'zhat vould be bad if jou did I do not vish to see him heartbroken' he says almost as a slight threat.
Pairs keeps dancing with him and starres once more at his serious face almost as if she is dealing with a tiger.
'oui...I will not' she says slowly as Deitmajor nods 'gut zhen how are jou finding tonight?' he asks as he dips her a little and she replies 'a little overwhelming I am not used to this sort of thing' she says.
'Indeed jou vould not be' he replies gently pulling her back up as she spies Ludwig over the dance floor dancing hand in hand with Ilsa. Deitmajor senses something as he burls Paris around and smiles a little 'ah...jou see herr Kommandant vith Stein' he says amusement in his voice he adds 'are jou jelous?? he asks almost as if testing her.
Paris shakes her head 'n..non...why?' she asks as he chuckles 'It vas zhe vay jou looked, jou need not vorry about her, zhey are old friends und she is married ja' he says softly.
'and what about you...I heard about...her...' she says slowly as Deitmajors eyes cloud a little 'I vill serve zhe fuhrer und herr Kommandant und eventually I vill find zhe rat zhat took zhem both out' he says strongly holding her a little tighter as she gasps.
His eyes clear once more and he dips his head 'ah mein apologies Mademoiselle zhank jou for zhe dance' he says and bows at her before walking off.
Paris stands there for a long moment as she grabs another glass of champagne and downs the lot trying to keep her nerves calm, she feels a little light headed as she makes her way towards the seating areas looking around for Fluer.

She spies the blond hair and the blue dress as she walks through the crowd and around to the seating area aware many people are starring at her as she sees Fluer who stands up putting her glass down.
'ah...there you are Paris I was begining to think my husband had taken you for the night' she jokes in french as Pairs nods.
'non we danced and I met a few others along the way' she relpies in french as she goes to sit down beside Fleur who laughs lightly.
Its then that Paris notices Reinhold sitting opposite the small ornate table a champagne glass in his hand yet his brown eyes look board even as Paris comes to sit down.
'Is he alright? she asks Fluer in french as she looks 'oui...he is not fond of these Nazi parties that I know of' she replies as Reinhold chuckles 'are jou two ladies talking about me? he asks raising a blond eyebrow.
Pairs looks back at him noticing his blond hair combed over to one side as she smiles a little at him 'I was just wondering why you look so rather shall I say...fed up' she gets out. Reinhold chuckles low 'frauline Paris it is fine ja I am just not a fan of zhese balls, I vould razher go somevhere quiet vith a few fruends zhan be at zhese' he replies drinking more.
'Oh Paris dear you look a little pale are you alright, here do eat something' Fluer suddenly says her eyes full of concern as she passes Paris a plate of finger foods. 'you know at these balls you always must eat' she says slowly as Paris nods 'I am sorry I got caught up with everything' she replies in french once more as she begins to take tiny bites out of the food enjoying the tastes.

'I see jou are enjoying jour self mademoiselle Bellarose'
Paris suddenly is startled as she looks up to see Fuller standing causually there, beside her she can feel Fluer stiffen just a little. 'I am...mercie' she replies slowly as Fuller grins. 'Gut gut Now I vish to show jou somezhing und jou two mademoiselle Kraus' Fuller says almost politly.
Fluer nods and stands up as Paris does the same, they both follow Fuller through the dance floor as he nods to both Ludwig and Hanz.
'Mein liebchen zhere jou are'  Ludwig says softly as he takes Paris by the hand and pulls her close nodding at Fuller as Hanz does the same with Fluer who gives Paris a look as if to say *what is going on*
Fuller nods at them both and walks up onto the stage as he signals for the music to stop and claps three times loudly.
Hearing this all eyes turn to the stage and things go quiet.
'Mien guests und kamaraden ve have some special guests here vith us tonight ja, vons vich I am sure jou all are vanting to meet each of zhese guests are very important to us in terms of prisoners' he booms out in his rather loud authorotive voice, he stands there his chest puffed out.
Pairs starres her heart getting faster as she hears this *francis...are you?* she thinks to herself.
'First little piggie on zhe stage, zhis von vorked for zhe french intellagance, such a fool to zhink he could beat us' Fuller explains his eyes sparkling a little as he smirks. The crowd laugh as a man around 40is is lead onto the stage he is dressed loosely in balck trousers and a shirt, his eyes have a vaccant look. Paris starres at him his hair is slightly unkept and grey he is well built but looks like he needs a good fed.
What takes her attention is Fluer standing beside Hanz, she lets out a tiny gasp as Hanz pulls her closer rubbing her arm 'are jou alright? he asks gently. Fluer quickly covers up her shock and nods 'oie...I am just felt a little dizzy there' she replies as Paris can tell she is shaken then remembers back to her church conversation, starring at the man again she thinks *could this be...her uncle???*
'zhe next little pigge ve have vell he vas once a highly regarded politian until he decided to get in zhe vay of our plans our ieals' Fuller explains as he waves his hand, another man this time a younger male with black hair is led on to the stage dressed the same he has the same vacant look in his eyes, yet some wounds on his neck.
The same thing happens for at least another four men all varying in sizes, hair color. One a policeman, one a teacher who hid jews, one a resistance memeber, one a pharmacist and the last Paris is not ready for.

'Und lastly ve have our last little special piggie ja, zhis von tired to hide our stories und tried his best to dirty our name by telling lies about us' Fuller explains as he snaps his fingers.
Francis is brought out onto the stage, his is dressed like the others his blond brown hair shaggy looking as he starres into the crowd as if confused then looks down to the floor.
Ludiwg keeps hold of her hand though he does not know Pairs and francis are lovers. Pairs starres at francis and lets a tiny gasp out but luckily Ludwig does not notice this her eyes are wider as she starres seeing Francis for the first time since that night.  * love!* she thinks as her heart aches.
'und zhat mein freunds ends our special guests' Fuller booms and chuckles at the same time 'now jou vill all enjoy zhe rest of our ball ja, for ve dance, drink until zhe late hours' he booms out waving his hands as the piggies are led back off stage.
*Francis oh please strong I will find a way to get you out!!* Paris thinks as the music starts up once more she quickly blinks a few tears back not wanting to show anything to Ludwig or the others she cannot afford for him to find out the truth.
Fuller walks back down from the stage and nods at both Paris and Fluer 'I assume jou liked zhe surprises ja' he says slowly as Fluer puts on a fake smile and nods 'zhey vere intersting I must say to show the piggies out like this herr Fuller' she replies as he chuckles and pats her on the shoulder. 'Indded zhey vhere' his grey blue eyes sparkling yet again.
'Ladies enjoy zhe rest of zhe ball I must mingle vith a few more guests ja' Fuller replies as he heads of.
Paris lets out a breath she was keeping as Ludwig looks at her concerned 'are jou alright mein engel?' he asks as Pairs nods 'oui I need to sit down for a little bit'
Isla comes walking up and puts a hand on Ludwigs shoulder once more 'vone more dance ja zhen food?' she asks and looks at Pairs 'zhat is if jou are alright vith zhat' she asks her. Pairs starres at Ilsa and nods slowly. 'oui go an dance' she says. Ludwig gives Paris a slightly worried look but heads off with Ilsa to dance leaving her and Fluer standing. Hanz smiles at both and holds his hand out to Fluer his dark blue eyes sparkling as he chuckles 'komm dance, jou cannot hide all night meine liebe' he says softly.
Fluer giggles a little as she gets back to her normal self hiding the shock of seeing her uncle in the piggies 'of course darling I will' she says giving her husband a wide grin and looking at Paris 'will you be alright? she asks in french as Paris replies 'oui I will be'. Watching the two dissapear into the crowd she heads for the seats once more picking up her fourth glass of champagne on the way *I really think I need this* she thinks to herself as she meanders through the crowd of dancers and finally sits down at the side. Her eyes watche as various nazis waltz by or walk by talking in german though she does pick up the occasional french at the same time.

'Mademoiselle zhere jou are'
Paris hears a falmiar voice and looks up she instantly feels relaxed seeing Wollf standing beside the table holding a glass and a plate of snacks.
'may I?' he asks as Pairs nods 'oui do sit' she replies as she takes another sip of the champagne and looks at Wollf who looks a little serious.
'I saw what Herr Fuller did showing zhe piggie off ja' he says slowly. Paris turns to him and nods trying her best to keep her calm yet insdie she feels it is hanging by a thread she speaks in low french 'you saw him...Francis..Wollf he looks awfull!! there drugging him are they not?' she asks slowly.
Wollf goes silent for a moment and nods 'Ja' he replies slowly as if thinking. 'Please tell me there is a way we can save him' she says slowly her voice shaking. Wollf starres at her and nods slowly 'not here...tomorrow ve vill talk more mademoiselle, ah Fluer is back!' Wollf excalims seeing both Fluer and Hanz chuckling, Wollf gets up and nods at Hanz as if to give him a signal to leave the ladies to it.
'Farevell once more ladies ve men must find some beer und have a gut talk' Wollf says nodding at Paris as he walks away leaving the plate of food.
Fluer slumps down beside Paris in the chair as she lets out a long sigh 'How are you holding up darling? she asks gently as Paris starres at her for a long moment adding 'jou are so strong after everything you have went through, Hanz told me about Stholler and his vife Cassandre' she says slowly.
Upon hearing those words Pairs sits there holding her glass and feels herself reliving her ordeal as she starres over the low wall at the dancing couples on the ballroom floor. Large golden pillars seperate the seating area from the dance floor giving the guest a much needed sit down at tables covered in white cloth and smaller dark ornate tables like the one next to her. She hears chattering all around from the officers, wifes, soldiers and others at the table enjoying the ball.

Everything happens in slow motion, Paris feels like she is in a dream as she watches the dances, sounds seem to dim even Fluer's talking dims out and she finds herself back in the dungeon office standing in the heals with the noose around her neck, she can feel Cassandres hands on her breasts, feel the way she sucks and plays with them yet she is helpless to fight back, the way she called her her 'dollie, the way she dressed and played with her, the feel of her lips on her own how deep she kissed, how she pulled and dragged her to the water nearly drowing her. Paris starres off reliving and feeling the exact pain Sholler put her though using his whip, the crop those pegs. She can still hear him taking 'zhat is not enough mademoiselle jou must give me more, do not speak french zhat only turns meine vife on more ja' She gasps a little thinking the noose is still around her neck.
Paris hears her name being called and thinks Stholler or Cassandre is talking to her 'Paris darling are you alright?'
'n..non..get away from me....' she pants out beginning to shake as she looks at Fluer yet doenst see Fluer, she sees Cassandre sitting there in the dress, her black hair all done up that mouth and red lips smilling as if to say 'Dollie'. 'nn..get away please no more!' Paris gasps out.
Fluer starres at Paris her green eyes taking on a worried look as she goes to reach out for Paris shoulder.
'PARIS!!!!!! MERDE! YOUR HAND!!! Fluer yells loud in shock causing the officers and soldiers around to starre at both woman.
Reinhold is the first to come striding over as he starres at the scene 'GET ZHE KOMMANDANT NOW! UND A MEDIC! he orders a soldier closest to him as the soldier nods and hurries off. All around the tables the officers and guests are wondering what has happened.
'Paris can jou hear me??' Reinhold says letting as Fluer pushes the table aside letting him in.  Paris shakes as she starres 'non...please get away from more I told you already.....Stholler' she gets out.
Hearing this name Reinhold frowns his brown eyes worried and anger knowing whats wrong with her, knowing she is reliving her ordeal. He grabs a champagne bucket and takes Pairs bleeding hand and wrist gently pushing it into the ice bucket as she lets out a sudden hiss of pain still muttering 'non...I stop it"!! stop it!!! hurts!!! she gasps out.
Footsteps can be heard as Ludwig appears, he takes one look at Fluer then at Paris his blue eyes going wide as he quickly sits beside Paris.
'Meine Liebe...Paris what have you done' he says softly as he takes her other hand 'Paris meine engel can jou hear me? he asks slowly his voice firm yet full of worry as he can see her blue eyes distant.
Looking around he waves the guests 'Please go back to jour buisness ja, she is just a little uvell' he replies keeping starring hard at them as the soldiers begin to calm the guests the music keeps playing.
Reinhold looks at him 'she is..Meine guess is she is reliving zhat ordeal she mentioned him' he explains.
Ludwig feels anger bubbling up as he hears this and looks back at Paris one more, she has gone pale at the same time. 'Paris meine engel Jou are safe vith me, Ludwig, zhey are dead zhey are not here' he says slowly as it soothing her as he reaches his hand and runs it across her cheek, he leans in and kisses her on the lips, pulling away he pulls her close to him and strokes her hair.
'Paris meine engel jou are safe vith me no von is here to hurt jou zhey are long dead' he reassures her.

Paris feels someone stroking her and slowly begins to come back to reality, she is met but the sudden stinging pain in her right hand as she blinks and opens her blue eyes wide tears of pain forming in them.
'..Ludwig...' she says slowly wincing in pain once more 'what  merde!..hurts a lot! she gasps out starring at her hand in the ice bucket yet the ice is helping to numb the pain a little.
'Jou are back vith us....Paris jou gave us a fright ja' he says softly as he strokes her cheek. 'I.I..did' she says tears falling down her cheeks as she tries to remeber what happened. Feeling a light hand on her shoulder she looks up to see Fluer standing there 'Paris you worried me' she says slowly as Hanz appears with the medic. 'Come Fluer, Reinhold let us give zhem some space ja, Herr Kommandant' he says nodding at Ludwig as Fluer gives Paris a look of *im sorry* as she walks off with her husband.
Paris starres as the medic walks to them both 'now let me see vhat jou did frauline' he says soflty. He is dressed smartly, his dark blond hair combed neatly to one side, his brown eyes serious.
Gently he lifts Paris's right hand and examines the wound, bits of champagne glass are stuck in her palm and lower hand 'ah jou are lucky ja' he says softly adding 'zhis is going to sting I reccomend jou give her some more alchol herr Beilschmidtt' he adds.
Ludwig nods as he hands Paris another glass 'drink now ja' he says gently. Taking the glass in her left hand Paris beings to sip at the alchol all the while the medic slowly and carefully takes the bits of glass out of her palm.
'Zhis is not to bad ja, jou are lucky frauline it did not go deeper' he explains as Paris gasps feeling the pain but the alchol helps numb the stinging feeling.
'oui' she says quietly watching as he slowly takes the pieces out bit by bit after about twenty minutes he has finsihed and begins to stich the wound. Paris watches feeling numb at the same time as he gently wraps a white bandage around her palm.
'now keep zhis clean ja, the vound should heal in a few days but I recommend jou have her see zhe camp doctor in two days' he orders standing back up.
'Ja do not vorry I vill keep a gut eye on her' he explains shaking the medics hand.
Looking at Paris, Ludwig gently brushes some hair aside as he looks almost sorry for himself. 'zhis is meine fault ja' he mutters as Pairs shakes her head ' is not...' she says slowly.
'Ludwig I would like to go and get some air please' she asks as Ludwig nods helping her to her feet and grabbing two more glasses of champagne he walks with her along the tables, he is aware of the starres but ignores this as he reaches the huge double doors and pushes them open revealing a balcony.

Paris feels the cool night air hit her as she breathes in deeply walking to the edge of the white stone balcony she puts her good hand on the ledge and starres out over what looks like a huge garden light up with tiny fairy lights and a huge fountain in the middle.
'Mein engel jou had me so vorried ja' Ludwig says softly as he kisses her neck gently handing her anothr glass.
'I am sorry I do not know what happened' she replies softly as Ludwig leans against the balcony. 'Jou vere having vhat ve call an 'episode' it has quite often happend to many of mein men und soldiers I have come across vhere zhe relive a part or somezhing zhat has happened in zhe past zhat has traumatized zhem, in jour case ve know vhat zhat vas ja' he says gently starring at Paris face.
'oui' she replies tears show in her blue eyes. Laying down his glass on the wall he takes Paris head in both of his hands and kisses her gently, Paris kisses back as she puts her glass down and holds him tightly thoughts running through her mind about Francis*
'Know zhis Paris I Vill never let jou go, jou mean everyzhing to me no von vill harm jou ever again' he says gently but meanigfully.
Paris can only nod hearing this as he gently begins to move almost as if he is dancing with her, he moves his feet in time with hers and Paris finds herself locking her good hand on his as they slowly dance on the terrace.

'Herr Kommandant please come inside it is dangerous for jou to be out here, ve do not know if zhe resistance is around or planning anyzhing' Ilsa's voice floats from the doorway.
Ludwig stops as he looks over at Ilsa and smiles nodding 'ja...Paris vanted to get some air' he replies as Ilsa strides out her heals clinking on the stone as she look at Paris bandaged hand 'I heard vhat happened' she says slowly adding 'if jou need anyzhing just ask but please come inside both of jou' she says almost as an order.
Ludwig chuckles a little hearing this 'Alvays vatching out for me are jou' he says amusement in his voice as he takes Paris good hand and leads her back inside, the warmth hits her once more as she looks around.
Wollf begins to make his way to them both as he nods at Ilsa 'Mademoiselle are jou alright? he aks worry clear in his voice.
Paris gives him a little smile 'I think I will be' she replies and yawns suddenly.
'Ludwig may we...I mean..' she pauses as he chuckles 'Do jou vant to go home ja? he asks amusement still in his voice adding 'after all jou have had a long day und ju did very vell tongight' he says gently.
Paris goes red a little color coming back into her cheeks as she nods 'oui I wish to go' she says as he nods 'Wollf can jou get our coats ja' he asks as Wollf nods 'ja herr Kommandant right avay' he walks off. Ludwig turns to Ilsa and embraces her in a hug 've vill see each othzer tomorrow in mein office for vork ja' he orders as she chuckles 'of course herr kommanant und please do take care of Paris' she adds sweetly.
Ludwig gently takes Paris good hand and leads her past the dancers he stops for a momnet as he hears his name being called.
'Ludwig leaving so soon ja? Fuller booms its clear he has had a lot of alchol as his cheeks are rather red. 'Ja  Herr Fuller, Paris is getting tired und she had a little accident' he replies keeping his voice steady.
'My dear is zhat so? he asks slowly then looks at Paris bandaged hand then back at Ludwig 'tell me tomorrow' he says then lowering his voice he adds 'vas it to do vith him?' he asks as Ludwig nods. Fuller goes quiet for a moment then laughs loudly.
'My dear zhen I bit jou gutten nacht' Fuller says as he leans in and gently takes Paris's good hand kissing it.
Paris nods slowly as she watches him straighten up and take the blond on his arm back to the dance floor. Wollf appears holding the coats as he looks at Ludwig 'Herr Kommandant tonight vas a pleasure, und I vill see jou tomorrow ja und perhaps jou too Mademoiselle Bellarose' he says keeping eye contact with her for a long moment.
Paris nods as Ludwig takes Wollfs hand 'indeed I vill have a few things for jou tomorrow ja' he says slowly as he puts a long shawl around Paris and puts his own coat on. 'Now ve must get going ja' he says softly as Wollf nods adding 'I vill not be far behind jou both' he says smiling.
Ludwig chuckles at this grinning a little 'ja jou are not to fond of zhese like Reinhold' he says then waves his hand as he keeps a gentle hold on Paris arm leadin her into the car.
'home ja' Ludwig orders the driver as Pairs starres down at her injured right hand thinking to herself.
All the way home Paris is silent thinking only about the way francis looked on the stage the vaccant look he had in his eyes she lets a tiny tear trickle down her face as she begins to feel anger build inside of her *how can can they act like that around...while parading Francis and those other poor prisoners on stage!!!*
'Meine engel? Ludwig says slowly 'jou vorry me' he adds.
Taking a few deep breaths Paris turns and looks at Ludwig 'I am sorry I did not mean for you to be worried, I think everything just got to me tonight' she finally gets out shaking her head.
Ludwig nods and gives her a gentle smile 'Paris jou have been zhrough a lot ja, I am surprised jou have not snapped alzhouhg zhat tonight vas very close' he says softly givig her knee a squeeze. Paris sighs and nods as she sits back but she cannot relax despite everything that has happened tonight she still feels angry.

Finally the car pulls to a halt and the door opens 'Herr Beilshcmidtt ve are home ja' the driver says as Ludwig nods sliding out of the car he takes great care in taking Paris good hand helping her out. She breathes in the cool air and guesses it is near midnight and rubs her arm with her good hand as she feels slightly cold.
Ludwig is busy speaking to the driver in German as she thinks to herself *I cant I just cant...everything...* she looks around a strong feeling inside of her wants her to run yet her eyes land on the two guards on the gates and she knows she would not get far.
Finally the driver nods gets in the car and begins to slowly drive through the gates, Paris watches them close and feels Ludwig put a hand around her shoulders 'let us go inside meine liebe it is razher late' he says softly as he leads her up the steps and inside locking the door behind him, Paris does not protest when he suddenly scoops her up in his arms and walks up the three flights of stairs to the appartment.
'jou are tired ja? he asks as Pairs says nothing thinking for a long moment. Getting inside the appartment Ludwig kicks the door shut and sets Paris down on her feet, she pulls of her shawl then walks to a chair and begins to undoo her shows wincing a little at her hand.
'let me ja' Ludwig says slwoly as he nimbly undoes the straps and she sighs. 'Paris is somezhing zhe matter? Ludwig asks gently seeing her eyes.
Paris shakes her head and stands up walking to the window, she can feel herself begin to shake as she feels the anger bubbling over her. Turning and starring directly at Ludwig she says in a calm voice.

'I want to go home Ludwig' she says keeping her voice calm.

Ludwig starres at her a mix of confusion and anger on his face at the same time 'Meine liebe Paris jou know jou cannot' he says slowly shaking his head as he takes off his dress jacket.
Paris balls her fists and feels almost like a firework ready to blast off.
Pairs shakes as she glarres at Ludwig as she balls her fists 'I WANT TO GO HOME TO GO BACK AWAY FROM ALL OF YOU!! she yells stamping her foot as Ludwig watches this 'Paris jou know you CANNOT GO HOME JA' he almost yells as he steps closer to her.
'NON I WONT STAY HERE!!! YOU YOU CANT MAKE ME!!! she yells more as she grabs a vase ignoring the pain in her injured hand as she hurls it at Ludwig. Ludwig quickly dodges the vase.
*SMASH* it crashes into the wall just right of Ludwig.  Starring at her he knows she is letting her anger out yet he is worried she is going to hurt herself more.
'PARIS...JOU NEED TO CALM DOWN' he says trying to reason with her.
Paris eyes are sparking with anger as she shakes her head 'REASON WITH YOU LUDWIG NON I WILL NOT!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY WHAT SHE DID TO ME!!! she yells her eyes blazing with rage as she pics up a mantle peice clock and hurls it at Ludwig, he hisses just managing to duck as it smashes to bits on the now damaged wall.
'SHIZE! PARIS CALM DOWN NOW!!! he commands as he strides closer.
'NON I WILL NOT!* she yells tears showing in her eyes at the same time as she yells grabbing and throwing various books at Ludwig one hitting his head as he growls 'DO NOT PUSH ME PARIS JOU ARE GOING TO HURT JOURSELF!! he yells starring at her his eyes angry and narrowing thinking *vill I have to threaten her vith meine gun?*
Ludwigs eyes go shocked and angry as he lets out a growl hearing this 'PARIS VE DID VHAT VE HAD TO JOU KNOW ZHAT BUT NOW JOU TELL ME ZHE VHOLE TRUTH MEIN ENGEL I AM TRUELY SORRY' He yells back narrowly ducking the photo frame as he growls 'PARIS STOP THROVING ZHINGS JA!!!
Before Pairs gets a chance to throw another Ludwig quickly lunges at her and grabs her around the waist tightly and lifts her over his shoudlers.
Pairs yells and kicks almost like a child having a tantrum, she punches Ludwigs back hard but he doesnt put her down.
'PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!! GET OFF ME!!!! Paris yells angry as she hisses in pain feeling her right hand bleed a little.
'NEIN PARIS JOU VILL INJURE JOURSELF MORE, JOU NEED TO CALM DOWN' Ludwig says angrily as he strides down the hall, he can feel himself very angry not just at Paris outburst but having found out what she really went though.
He strides into the bedroom keeping Paris over his shoulder he looks around and finds what he is after a small metal box *im sorry Paris but jou are going to have to have this* he thinks to himself knowing since he captured Paris he always kept this handy for any escape attempts she made.
Walking over to the chair he sits down trying his best to avoid Paris kicks. He pulls her over his knee one strong arm across her back keeping her in place, the other begins to pull her skirt up.
'WHAT ARE YOU DOING LET ME GO!!!!! she yells and tries to kick out but the way Ludwig positions her she cant kick anything but the bed. Pulling up Paris dress he exposes her bottom thinking *you need this*


Paris lets out a loud yelp and almost at once stops shouting and yelling, she feels a her bottom warm and stinging as she gasps 'Ludwig...non you di...non..' she gets out stunned at the fact he smacked her bottom.
Ludwig nods as he massages her red bottom 'ja, jou had to calm down jou vere behaving like a child vith a tantrum ja' he explains keeping his voice slightly hard.
Pairs shakes her head 'I hate you...' she says hearing him chuckle 'nein jou do to hate' he replies as he holds her there, she can still feel anger inside of her but that smack stunned her a little.
'Now jou must calm down meine liebe' he says in a softer tone of voice, Paris can hear him opening a tine and pressing something, a little wet lands on her skin and she shudders.
'Ludwig what are you..what are...ouuch!!' Pairs yelps as she feels a needle peirce her arm. 'Paris meine liebe zhis is for jour own gut ja, jou need to be calm' he says keeping his voice even. Paris can feel a cool sensation trickle through her as a soothing calm feeling begins to overtake her body, she feels as if all the anger has been flushed out. 'L...ludwig..what..did she slurrs a little, she can feel her eyes beginning to droop as she struggles to stay awake.
Standing up Ludwig gently lifts Paris and pulls back the covers laying her onto the bed as he smiles down at her 'A little somezhing to make jou sleep Paris' he says gently rubbing his head. 'jou need it und I could not have jou harming jourself again' he says softly leaning down to give her a kiss on her lips as she tries her best to stay awake and mutters 'mmmn....ll uddy...' before her eyes close and she is alseep. Looking down at her hand Ludwig sighs and gently begins to tend it as he pulls the bandage off and cleans the blood away looking at the stiches 'tch...meine engel look vhat jou have done' he says almost as if he is speaking to a child he re wraps the wound then readies himself for bed.
'vhat a night meine engel ve vill clean zhe mess tomorrow' he says softly feeling himself exhausted after having to calm Paris down *she really needed to get zhat all out....I am glad but...zhat monster vhat zhey did* he thinks angrily as he climbs into bed and gently pulls Paris close.
Fallen for the Enemy chapter 19
Finally chapter 19 is DONE! this one took a good while to write as i had mcm comic con and battling with back problems. But i am so happy god this one has a whole lot of Ball stuff in it!
Well basically Ludwig has Paris at the propaganda ball and she meets the other nazi officers but also a few surprises along the way and it may start of slow but i have been building this up to her finally letting her anger out at what happened with Stholler and Cassandre.
So anyways please do read i know this is going to be LONG but its exciting too!!!

Hope you like and do comment i am really enjoying writing this story.

All characters belong to me and may not be used without my permission.


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Current Residence: Scotland
Favourite genre of music: Film soundtraks and various other types of music.
Favourite style of art: pencil art and paints and manga art.
Favourite cartoon character: wilee e coyote
Personal Quote: "Always live your dreams"

which cosplays would you like to see me do in the future? 

5 deviants said Nora RWBY
5 deviants said Belarus Hetalia
4 deviants said Kida from Atlantis.
2 deviants said Velvet RWBY
1 deviant said Lucy from Elfen Lied
No deviants said Poison Ivy
No deviants said Emma Frost



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