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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 23
Fallen for the Enemy
   Chapter 23
Leaving Paris Ludwig strides down the corridor and up two flights of stairs to his office.
'Ah Wollf jou are early ja' he says noticing Wollf waiting patiently for him just outside the office.
'Heil Hitler' Wollf salutes at Ludwig nods and pushes the door open letting Wollf walk inside and over to a dark chair to sit down. 'How are jou getting on vith zhe boy? Ludwig asks as wollf takes a glass of brandy from Ludwig. 'vell he has not done anyzhing so far ja, I had him patched up but I vill be interrogating him more a little more gentle zhis time, Herr Kommandant I beleive a gentle touch is needed, I know he is a rat ja but if I get him to drop his guard zhen I can find out more' he explains.
Ludwig considers this for a moment as he stands at the brandy and pours himself a glass then walks to his chair nodding 'zhat is ..vell zhat is vorking vith Paris ja so vhy not, but jou heard Obergruppenfuhrer Fuller jou vill need results vithin zhe veek
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 22
Fallen For The Enemy
  Chapter 22
*That poor boy...all of his friends?* Paris thinks to herself as both Ludwig and Fuller are engaged in a conversation all in german. She sits there taking deep breaths and pushing down her anger thinking abou the photos and the way Fuller spoke to her.
Looking back at the door Paris does manage a tiny smile as she thinks about the look Wollf gave her when he was taking the boy away *I know he will do his best to keep him god I hope so or..he somehow gets away from these monsters* she thinks, a hand on her knee brings her attention back. 'Hmmm? she says as Ludwig chuckles low 'Meine Liebe jou vere miles avay, are jou alright? he asks gently.
Paris looks at ludwig then over to Fuller who starres at her.
'o..oui I am fine just..' she trails off as Ludwig starres at her concenred 'Just vhat meine liebe? he asks. 'Ah She is concered vith zhat little rat am I right? Fuller says his voice a little louder making Paris shiver a tiny bit as he not
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 21
Fallen for the Enemy
  Chapter 21
Things had been rather interesting night within the old library, the evening had passed slowly, after that phone call Alexandre had headed his friends advice and headed to bed his thoughts were all on his sister Paris. It had taken him a while to sleep but after two glasses of strong whisky he had finally surrenderd to sleep.
The morning had passed in a blur of activity as Alexandre and Jaqus discussed with Lizel what her plan was to be. All three sitting around the table, Lizel had brought local pastries with her as they each clutched a coffe cup.
'oui Alexandre do not worry! Lizel had said in her chirpy voice her eyes lighting up at the thought of finally seeing Paris. 'I know mon cher but things are dangerous' he had replied as she giggled nodding 'oui they are but unlike Jaqus they do not suspect me of working with the resistance and our contact..this Wollf will keep us safe, but....' she had paused 'I carry my gun with me at all times' she re
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 20
Fallen for the Enemy
Chapter 20
After watching Paris leave with Ludwig, Wollf waits for a little while taking his last glass of champagne and chatting with Deitmajor and Reinhold.
'Meine Fruend Klaus ve should be getting jou home' Reinhold says looking at Deitmajors arm in the sling. Deitmajor frowns 'nein its to early' he slurrs out a little as Reinhold sighs. Wollf starres at them both 'Reinhold is right ja, jou need jour rest or so I heard from zhe kommandant about vhat happened, jou vant to be jourself for iterrogation the as you like to call him 'rat' he explains.
Hearing this Deitmajor nods and clenches a fist 'ja, I do, very vell zhen ve shall retire for zhe night after all I think Reinhold here is almost ready to run off on me' he chuckles as Reinhold rolls his eyes.
'It is not my fault I have to attend zhese boring balls ja' he replies as he grabs both his and Deitmajors jackets.
'are jou coming Wollf? he asks. Wollf shakes his head 'Nein I vill leave shortly I have somezhing
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 19
FALLEN For the Enemy
   Chapter 19
'Mein engel how vas zhat?' he asks as Paris finishes her coffe and smiles 'it was good thank you, I did not know you liked french food' she says slowly as Ludwig chuckles.
'zhere is a lot jou do not know about me but in time jou vill get to know me better' he replies as he finishes up in the kitchen walking back to the table where Pairs is sitting.
'Mein liebe jou look vorried' he says softly as he takes her hands.
Paris shakes her head remembering her conversation with Wollf, 'non I am just nervous' she replies looking into his blue eyes.
Ludwig keeps her hands in his as he nods 'I understand ja, jou vill not be used to zhese balls but jou vill be perfectly safe Paris, at zhis ball ve vill have to mingle vith zhe guests to jou understand' he says slowly.
Nodding Paris replies 'oie I do'
Ludwig pulls her out of the chair and close to him whispering 'Jou do know jour fruend Fluer vill be zhere too, jou may mingle and talk vith her' he says sl
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 18
Fallen for the Enemey
  Chapter 18
Paris awakes slowly as she feels the strong arms of Ludwig hold her close, she blinks a few times as soft sunlight begins to tricke through the gap in the dark curtains. Reaching up she rubs a her head feeling a tiny headache begin to come on.
Hearing gentle snores beside her she smiles a tiny bit as she gently moves out of Ludwigs arms, she slides out of the bed carefull not to wake Ludwig as she yawns a little. Stretching she winces feeling the pain of her whip wounds on her back *merde* she curses to herself as she slowly slips into the bathroom closing the door.
Walking to the mirror Paris starres at her reflection and sighs a little she can tell her eyes look a little differnet whethter its sadness or perhaps they look a little stronger, she begins to wash her face with cool water to wake herself up.
Ludwig slowly awakens and finds the bed empty having a little moment of panic he sits bolt upright as he starres around the bedroom.
'Paris!' h
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Fallen for the Enemy

   Chapter 23

Leaving Paris Ludwig strides down the corridor and up two flights of stairs to his office.
'Ah Wollf jou are early ja' he says noticing Wollf waiting patiently for him just outside the office.
'Heil Hitler' Wollf salutes at Ludwig nods and pushes the door open letting Wollf walk inside and over to a dark chair to sit down. 'How are jou getting on vith zhe boy? Ludwig asks as wollf takes a glass of brandy from Ludwig. 'vell he has not done anyzhing so far ja, I had him patched up but I vill be interrogating him more a little more gentle zhis time, Herr Kommandant I beleive a gentle touch is needed, I know he is a rat ja but if I get him to drop his guard zhen I can find out more' he explains.
Ludwig considers this for a moment as he stands at the brandy and pours himself a glass then walks to his chair nodding 'zhat is ..vell zhat is vorking vith Paris ja so vhy not, but jou heard Obergruppenfuhrer Fuller jou vill need results vithin zhe veek' he says nodding at Wollf whos blue eyes look serious.
'ja jou know I vill' he replies.
A moment later there is a knock on the door 'Komm' Ludwig commands as Deimajor walks in holding a folder.
'Ah gutten morgen Deitmajor' Ludwig says nodding at his officer as he walks in 'Heil Hitler' Dietmajor salutes then adds 'I have the files jou asked for abotu zhe french pig ja' he says nodding at Wollf.
'Gut' Ludwig replies taking the folder and motioning for him to sit. 'Now zhat ve are all here...' he pauses for a moment adding 'Reinhold vill be a little later ja, he is vorking on somezhing' Ludwig replies adding 'He is keeping an eye on a certain voman vho ve suspect of being part of zhe resistance' he explains taking a sip of the brandy. Wollf starres keeping his expression nuetral as he thinks *Lizel zhey may be on to you, I must varn jou today*
'So vhat are jour orders Herr Kommandant' Wollf asks as Ludwig examins the file. 'Zhe frenchie pig, the journalist ve have, ve are going to have a little chat vith him I zhink he is hiding more zhan vhat ve know' Ludwig explains as Wollf thinks *Francis* and nods.
'ja' he replies. 'He vill be easy to interrogate ve already have him doped on zhe drugs so ve vill be using zhe truth serum on him' Ludwig explains as Deitmajor nods 'zhat pig vill give us everyzhing' he grins. 'Ja indeed he vill' Ludwig says shutting the folder and finishing his Brandy. 'Ve have a busy day ja, I vill be meeting Stien und Krauser later zhey are vorking on zhe tunnels ve found under zhe church' Ludwig explains as both officers nods.
'now komm' he orders getting up and walking to the door.
After a short walk they cross the courtyard to another red bricked building as the guards nod at Ludwig moving to let him past, he walks inside the building. It is large, the walls are painted grey, it is almost like a prision block except quite warm inside. Ludwig walks to the guard sitting at the desk, a large notbook in front of him. Like the rest of the guards he is dressed in black and armed, his shirt a grey kacki color. 'Ah herr Kommandant Heil Hitler!' he salutes then asks keeping his steely grey blue eyes on Ludwig. 'Vhich Piggie are jou here for?' he asks his voice a little high pitched.
'French number 1 ja' he replies as the man nods and writes it down in the book.
'Follow me Herr Kommandant' he says in a brisk tone as Ludwig walks down the long corridor. Passing each cell one by one not glancing one bit.
Finally they stop at a cell quite far down the corridor as the guard hands Ludwig the key 'take all zhe time jou need Herr Kommandant' he salutes nodding then walks back down the corridor.
Opening the cell Ludwig grins at the sight before him.
Francis is sitting on the bed, his eyes are vaccant and he is mumbling to himself, wearing only black trousers and a black dog collar on him. Ludwig walks inside the cell and slaps Francis hard in the face.
'uunnnggg' he mumbles 'zhey react vell to pain ja, Deitmajor hand me zhe crop ja' he grins as Deitmajor chuckles reaching for the crop on the wall next to him.
'THWAAACK!! Ludwig whacks the crop hard of Francis back as his eyes widen 'nnnggggg' he gets out.
'gut gut....TWHACCCK!' he does it once more as Francis begins to focus a litte more ',,n,,nazis' he gets out his eyes narrow a little as Deitmajor laughs.
'ja french pig' he says as Wollf watches slowly.
*knock Knock* both officers look as a soldier dressed in green with a white lab coat appears at the door. 'Herr Beilschmiddt I have zhe serum jou asked for', handing a clear liqued viel and a surringe.
'Ah danke danke' Ludwig nods taking them both in his hand, handing Wollf the crop he smiles 'go on give our piggie some more pain ja' he grins.
Wollf nods as he raises the crop and brings it down hard on Francis back yet again, red welt marks beginning to raise on his skin. 'nnng...stop! Francis garbles out as Wollf chuckles.
Ludwig nods at both Deitmajor and Wollf 'hold him down ja' he orders as Francis brown eyes go a little wide. Somewhere in his drugged mind he knows he has to fight yet is to weak to as he feels his arms pinned down and he garbles out 'nnng...non.....battard'
Grinning Ludwig taps Francis right arm looking down at him as both Wollf and Deitmajor pin him to the bed, 'ah zhere it is' he exclaims almost in triumph as he pushes the needle inside pushing the plunger down letting the truth serum enter Francis's veins, at one his brown eyes go wide and he relaxs, both SS officers let go and stand up watching.
'Now ve must get to vork ja, Wollf hand me zhe notepad ja' he asks pointing to the little table outside the cell.

Meanwhile Paris is beginning to get a little bored, after her 3rd cup of coffe she begins to pace up and down the room, ocasionally glancing at the guards. Both men starre at the wall but Paris knows they are alert, she can see how well they grip their rifles in their hands.
Sighing she picks up a magazine then sits back down wondering when Wollf will come. As she is flicking through the pages a shadow falls over her and she raises her head starring into brown eyes.
'oh' she gets out surprised.
'ah Frauhline I did not mean to disturb jou, I am looking for zhe kommandant but he is busy so I vill vait, zhat is if jou vill let me?
'O..oui..of course Reinhold' Paris replies starring at him, she notices he is not his usual alert self and wonders as he grabs a coffe sitting down opposite Paris, she sees the brown folder in his arms and his black case.
'I do not mean to nose about your buisiness but is everything alright? she asks cursing herself inside for being concerned about the nazis.
Reinhold looks at her and nods 'ja ja, everyzhing is fine Paris, I have a report for Ludwig zhat is all' he says then thinks for a moment *perhaps I should show her, perhaps she may know more about meine sister* he thinks.
'I vas vondering if Paris jou knew zhis frauhline? Reinhold asks deciding to show Paris the picture of Lizel. Opening his folder he takes the photo out that Ludwig gave him and hands it to Paris.
Paris starres down at the photo her eyes scan the face as she tries her best not to react knowing Reinhold would report back to Ludwig. *Lizel!!! non why are they...oh please be carefull!* she thinks to herself remembering the market.
'Non I am afraid I have not seen her before' Paris lies keeping her voice steady. There is a pause for a long moment as Reinhold starres at Pairs then back to the photo knowing she is lying. Reinold holds the photo and is torn between probbing Paris for more information on his sister or to keep quiet. He chooses the later one.
'Zhat is fine ja, I just vondered' he says putting the photo back in the folder and sitting down. 'I vonder how Herr Kommandant is getting on I heard he vas going to talk to zhe piggies today' he says causally as Paris gives him a look feeling a little cold * perhaps? she thinks as she rubs her forehead.
'Are jou alright Paris? he asks his voice holding some concern. 'oui...I am just a little bored I need to get some air soon' she says as Reinhold nods 'Vell if zhey are later zhen I can take jou outside ja' he says nodding at her.
'Oui' Paris replies her mind thinking about Lizel and wondering why Reinhold looked so worried.

Meanwhile back in the piggie cells Ludwig is making good progress.
'So tell me Francis vhere is jour resistance cell based?' he asks watching Francis try his best to resist as he fights but the drug is powerfull.
'The old church not far from the town' he replies continuing 'the Library in the market town that is all I know' he replies in a voice dead of any emotion.
'Gut gut' Ludwig says writing this all down as he nods at Deitmajor and Wollf.
'Now vhen jou vere captured vhere vere jou heading?' Ludwig asks as Francis eyes dart around a little and he answers yet agin no emotion 'Paris, I, Jean and Jaqus were' a tear falls in his eye as it is clear he is trying to fight against the drug.
'vhere?' Ludwig asks 'to the outskirts of Paris a little town' he replies 'und vhy? Ludwig probs. 'to protect the children' he gets out finally.
Ludwig notes this down and starre at his men 'interesting ve vill need to act on zhis information' he says as he looks back at Francis 'vhy children...vhat gut are zhey? he asks as Francis garbles a little then starts again 'Paris job was to protect any children whos family were enemies of the Reich' he gets out tears falling.
'Vell now ...I zhink I vill be talking vith her tonight' Ludwig says thinking *Is this what you have not been telling me Paris*
Standing up Ludwig looks satisfied as he nods at Wollf 'Jou may go und take Paris to zhe market now und enjoy' Ludwig says nodding as he walks to his friend and whispers 'I vant jou to keep an eye on her if anyvone makes contact vith her jou tell me ja' he says patting Wollf's shoulder.
'ja ja of course Herr Kommandant! Wollf replies giving both men a nod and striding out of the cells his mind working fast *ve must be carefull* he thinks to himself.
Looking back at Francis Ludwig thinks about his next question 'tell me of any ozher bases jour friends have?' he asks as Francis shakes his head 'I do not know anymore that is the only ones I know off' he answers as Ludwig nods knowing the drug is working.
'Gut zhen ve are finished here ja' he grins as he goes to turn and walk out just as Francis mutters.
'Paris where are you....Paris..what have they done to you...oh Paris' he garbles.
Ludwig suddenly turns back a sudden spark of rage in his blue eyes he punches Francis square in the stomoch as he growls 'neine..Paris is MEINE!!! JOU VILL NOT MENTION HER NAME AGAIN!

Francis eyes go wide with shock as he balls over in pain and dribbles coughing a little blood up as Deitmajor watches having not seeing Ludwig this angry for some time.
'Get zhe doctor in ja I do not vant him dying on me, zhis little piggie is more interesting that I thought!!!! he turns and strides out of the cell with Deitmajor close behind.
*now Paris jou und I vill be having a gut little talk und perhaps some punishment too, I zhink jou und zhat pig may be more zhan just friends* Ludwig thinks anger surging through him as he knows Paris has not told the full truth, without another word Ludwig strides from the piggie pens closely followed by Deitmajor.
Dietmajor walks at his side as he looks at his Kommandant 'Herr Kommandant are jou alright?' he asks clearly concerned as Ludwig nods 'ja ve have vork to be getting on vith' he replies his voice hard as Deitmajor nods 'ja aplogies' he says following Ludwig back into the main building.
Ludwig says nothing more as he walks down the corridor back to his office, part of him wants to stride into the room and confront Paris but he just manages to control himself thinking *Paris...engel...vhy jou disoby me?* he balls his fists as he reaches for his office door handle and pushes it open walking inside.
'Deitmajor I vant jou to look over zhese notes for me ja, zhen ve vill gazher a team und go check zhese places..zhe church ve already know about but zhe old Library I vant to search every inch of it ja' he says as Deitmajor nods 'Ja vill be done Herr Kommandant! he saulutes and strides out of the door with the notes in hand.

Paris sits crossed legged as she waits for Wollf, there is a long silence between her and Reinhold and she can tell he is holding back somthing yet like herself. His brown eyes look at her once more as footsteps approach and he grins a little.
'ah zhe Wollf has arrived' Reinhold says grinning as he stands up and walks to Wollf embracing him like a brother.
'I vas just keeping Paris company vhile Herr Kommandant vas busy ja' he explians as Wollfs cool blue eyes look over at Paris and he nods 'Mademoiselle apologies for being late ja, ve vere a little busy' he explains nodding at her.
'oui...that is alright' she replies standing up, after sitting for a while her legs feel a little stiff so she walks up and down the room. Both officers watching her.
Reinhold coughs 'I have a report to get to Herr Kommandant, I vill take meine leave und see jou later Wollf, Paris' he nods at her as he walks out of the room. Once he is gone Wollf walks over to her and takes her arm gently 'shall ve?' he asks lowering his voice 'Ve vill talk in zhe car' he says keeping his voice soft yet serious as Paris nods feeling surprised yet also a little bit uneasy, Wollf senses this and squeezes her arm reassuring her.
Paris walks hand in hand with Wollf as they head to the car, as usual Wollf lets her slide in the passenger seat then gets in. He looks at the car then to Paris as he puts a finger to his lips first 'Lets see vhat ve can find in zhe market perhaps somezhing gut for zhe Kommendant' he says nodding as Paris looks confused but nods 'oui perhaps some new flowers' she replies as the car begins the familiar drive out the camp and down the road.
Once far enough away fromt the camp Wollf pulls the car to one side and cuts the engine, still with a finger to his lips he begins to feel around the car as Paris watches this confused and wanting to speak.
After about five minutes Wollf nods to her 'gut ve can speak mademoiselle Paris, zhe security has been upgraded I must be extra carefull' he explains adding 'I vas making sure zhe car ist not bugged ja' he explains his blue eyes looking serious as he turns around to face her.
'Paris I vant jou to know zhis its about Francis ja' he says keeping his voice steady.
Hearing Francis name Paris heart begins to beat a little faster as a flutter of fear blossoms. 'tell me' she prods. Wollf nods 'Paris jou are not going to like zhis, I vas later for jou as Ludwig, Deitmajor und I vent to question Francis, Ludwig used the truth serum on him' he says slowly his face a mask of seriousness as Paris looks frightened.
'and' she gets out in a tiny voice scared of the answer. Wollf's eyes soften as he reaches for her hand taking it 'mademoiselle zhis is hard ja, jou vill need to be carefull' he says as Paris eyes narrow a little 'Wollf tell me everything' she prods 'oui' he replies 'Francis jou understand zhe truth drug he cannot fight und vhen asked certain questions he vill, he ansvered zhem, he told zhem about zhe two hideouts ja, von ve already knew of zhe church but zhe otzher vas zhe old Libarary' he explains as Paris lets a little gasp out.
'oui...and' she asks worried as he goes one 'He also told Ludwig of what his job vas in zhe resistance but not only zhat but of vhat jou did too, Paris Ludwig vill track down zhose children, zhose hiding places jou know vhat he vill do' he explains as Paris eyes go wide and she pales putting a hand to her mouth in shock 'non...oh Francis' she says shaking her head clearly shocked, that secret was the only thing she had wanted to keep hidden if anything happend to the children she would be besides herself.
'Wollf we must do something!' she says her voice shaking as he nods 'I vill try und do meine best Paris but jou know it is dangerous, jou must be zhankfull Francis did not get asked if he loved jou or not zhen jou vould be in greater danger, jou know how much herr kommandant loves jou'
'o..oui' she gets out worried as Wollf squeezes her hand 'all is not lost I have not had a chance to ask about jou getting in vith zhe piggies but...zhey react vell to pain ja und I am tryng to vork a vay to find out just vhat zhe exact drug ve are using on zhem, Paris still have hope oui' he explains as Paris nods.
'I is hard, I feel at times I am falling for him...yet he is my enemy too and yet I feel for Francis too' she gets out as Wollf nods 'I understand ja, it is hard for you but trust me ve are doing everyzhing to get jou back vith Alexandre' he explains adding 'I have arranged for Lizel to meet us again but jou must understand Paris no one must see you speaking to her, zhe usual place ja zhe boutique shop' he explains.
Despite the situation Paris feels a bud of hope blossom inside of her hearing Lizels name and she nods smiling a little 'I will be carefull Wollf' she says running a hand over her blond hair, her mind is still thinking about Ludwig slightly worried he will begin to interrogate her for answers.
Wollf starts the engine again adding 've shall enjoy zhe market ja Paris zhat is all I have to tell jou for zhe time being' he says gently as Paris nods her mind trying to process this information.
As they drive Paris suddenly remembers Reinhold showing her the photo of Lizel 'Wollf...I am not certain of this but Reinhold he had a photo of Lizel' she gets out.
Wollfs eyes go a little wide 'ja, he vas aksed by Herr Kommandant to follow a lead' he expalins as they turn the corner into the market town.
'oui...but he started to ask me questions, if I knew her' she says slowly, Wollf turns his head 'he did? he asks adding 'zhen ve must assume he has his doubts about her, Paris ve must let her know today ja' he explains his face full of concern.
'oui...if there is one thing...I cannot let them get my best friend...Wollf I just cannot! she gets out shaking her head.
'Mademoiselle Paris..I can assure jou zhat I vill protect her any vay I can!' Wollf says his voice serious yet gentle at the same time as he pulls the car to a halt. 'Perhaps I vill buy jou somezhing mademoiselle Paris' Wollf asks as if trying to calm and cheer Paris up.
Paris looks up 'hmm oh Wollf you do not have to...just being able to talk with Lizel and warn her about that ss officer will help me' she says slowly as Wollf nods thinking about Reinhold.
'Vell ve have a little time before Lizel is due to meet us are jou hungry? Wollf asks as Paris nods 'oui I am' she replies nodding and Wollf smiles adding 'Lizel vill meet us at zhe usual store zhe boutique ja' he explains as Paris nods still feeling a little unseasy as wollf gets out and opens the door for Paris.
'Komm let us explore und a little cake perhaps? Wollf asks as he takes Paris arm and leads her from the car. The air is clear and crisp the sky is slightly blue as Paris and Wollf walk side by side down the cobbled street, all along people glance at her and she feels uneasy yet again.
'They are starring at me again Wollf' she says as he nods 'oui....perhaps zhe photos are out ja, obergruppenfhurer did say zhey vould be dispatched around zhe town today' he explains then pauses seeing Paris striken face.
Giving her hand a squeeze wollf tries to reassure her. 'Mademoiselle Paris...zhings vill be alright I can understand how jou feel ja..jour friends..*he pauses looking around* 'neine let us talk in our usual place' he says softly as Paris nods thinking *just how what am I going to do*.
Walking further down the street Wollf stops suddenly as he looks across the road.
'Mademoiselle it seems she is early' Wollf says in a surprised voice as Paris looks over the road to see the familiar face of Lizel, her green eyes scanning the street and as she looks over and sees Paris she tries her best to keep her face calm.
'stay here do not vant to attract attention' Wollf commands as Paris nods watching him nod at Lizel and point discretely at the caffe resturant.
Paris holds her breath wondering if Lizel understood as she watches her walk down the path then look left and right as if crossing the road acting like she is just walking around the shops, she heads for the caffe then enters.
'Ve vait for a moment ja' Wollf whispers as he walks slowly with Paris then pushes the resturant door open stepping inside. Scanning the room he finds Lizel at the bar sitting as if ready to order.
'ah mademoisell how nice to see jou again' Wollf says in a polite tone taking off his hat and tipping his head, he whispers 'play along und follow me ja zhat vay ve do not attract attention' he explains as Paris stands beside him.
'oui' Lizel whispers then gives Wollf a smile 'ah Herr Wollf bonjour' Lizel says taking his hand and shaking it as Paris smiles at her. 'Please allow me to buy jou a drink ja, ve can talk und let me introduce you to meine frhauline Paris' he says keeping up the pretence as the bar man walks to them. 'Herr Wollf the usual? he asks as Wollf nods 'ja und zhis lovely frauline vill be joining us both, I do not vish to be disturbed ve have to have a little chat ja' he explains as the bar man nods and looks at Lizel as if to say *good luck*
'Please follow me' he says walking past the tables of chatting french and german soldiers and officers.
Once inside their usual spot the waitor pulls the curtain over and nods 'I vill be back vith jour bottle of vine, coffe und...cake?? he asks nodding at both females as Lizel nods 'oui' she gives him a smile as he disspaears.

'jou are early' Wollf says looking at Lizel as he takes his hat off and puts it on the table in front of him. His blue eyes looking serious as he folds his hands in front of him.
'oui I aplogise things have been developing' she says looking around a worried look on her face as Wollf leans in 'Lizel ve are perfectly safe to talk here ja, Zhis is vhere Paris und I can talk freely' he explians reasuring her with a smile.
'oui..its true Lizel Wollf and I have been discussing many things' she explains thinking *now is the time* 'Lizel I have to warn you about one of the officers' she gets out and before she can say anything else Lizel blurts out 'Reinhold am I right' she asks as both Paris and Wollf look a little surprised.
'Lizel how do you know? Paris asks shaking her head as Lizel sighs a worried look crosses her face, she tucks some gold curls behind her ears 'He has been rather nosey of late...Paris he was in my bedroom looking around' she gets out as Wollf frowns 'vhy vould he be doing zhat? he vas only asked to vatch you' he expalins as Lizel gasps shaking her head 'watch me' she gets out. Part of her wants to explain to them both what and who she thinks Reinhold really is but she keeps it to herself thiking *I need to have proof first and I am not sure*
'Ja Jou have to be extra carefull, Herr Kommanant suspects somezhhing is up viht jou' Wollf explains going quiet as the waitor returns with a bottle of red wine, three glasses and two plates of sponge cake 'Danke zhat vill be al ja' Wollf says nodding as the waitor bows and heads back out.
Opening the wine Wollf pours the ladies a glass first then his own, gives out the two forks and pushes the plates to both.
'any cream? he asks as both shake their heads 'non'
Lizel begins to take the cake in tiny bites as Paris takes a bite 'Reinold asked me earlier about you Lizel, I lied telling him I did not know or regognize the photo' she explains as Lizel looks up 'photo, he took a picture of me? she asks as Paris looks over to Wollf who nods taking a sip of the wine.
'ja...zhough I am not sure vhere he got it from, zhis is vhy ve must be extra carefull if he vere to get jou zhen both Paris Und I vould be in great danger' he explains his blue eyes serious as Lizel nods taking a sip of the wine. 'oui' she replies.
Wollf leans closer 'jou must be careful I respect Ludwig but he does not get zhe nickname zhe 'Rottveiler' for notzhing ja, if he suspects somezhing zhen he vill go ahead und get it to zhe very end no matter vhat zhe cost' Wollf explains sipping the wine as Paris thinks about the times he has punished and recaptured her 'oui jou are right' Paris says softly taking another mouthfull of cake.
Lizel nods hearing this shuddering a little as she takes anohter bite of the cake, her green eyes turning serious looking at both Wollf and Paris.
'oui we must discuss something, you..* she pauses looking at Wollf* 'already know the telephone exhcange was taken out the other night oui' she says as Wollf nods 'ja ve tracked it down und have von on custody' he explains and seeing Lizels scared look he reaches over and takes her hand 'mademoiselle I persuaded Ludwig und obergruppenfhuerer Fuller zhat I vould take zhe boy, he ist meine responsibility' he explains.
'His name is Marco' she explains beginning to tell Wollf and Paris about the other girl the one called Trinette as Paris gasps putting a hand to her mouth 'but she is just a child!' she gets out as Lizel nods 'oui but she is determined to fight yet she is injured' she explains 'she took a bullet...well she was lucky it scraped her' she says as Wollf nods.
'Someone must have talked oh I fear ....oh Parie' she says using Paris nickname 'I fear they, I fear Maurice talked' she gets out a tear shimmering in her eye as she reaches for the napkin and dabs her eye.
Wollf looks at Lizel serious as he nods 'ja...meine kommandant und Deitmajor interrogated him zhat I can tell jou, I am not sure of his fate yet I have heard some rumours he vas taken to be a piggie much like Francis' he explians looking a little grim.
Lizel gasps once more and shakes her head 'I fear we are loosing this...oh I wish you could be free your brother is doing everything he can to get you back' she explains taking Paris hand.
Paris sighs and nods a tear in her eye at the same time as Lizel explains 'But I can tell it is taking a toll on him' she explains as Paris leans over and Cries onto Lizels shoulder sobbing 'I oh Lizel it is hard you have no idea, I cannot escape just yet...there are to many *sobs* to many guards not to mention staying with Ludwig every night and day' she explains as she pulls her head up.
'Mademoiselle' Wollf says pulling a napkin out handing it to Paris who dabs her eyes and blows her nose 'I sorry' she gets out adding 'today there has been to much to take in' she explains as Lizel nods 'oui...but oh Wollf I must, Alexandre asked me to give you our new contact details' she explains reaching into her purse and pulling out a small battered black notebook 'take it but make sure no one sees it, memorize the details then burn it oui' she orders.
Wollf takes the notebook and looks opening it and flipping the pages as he nods 'zhe old farmhouse...' he says thinking for a moment then grins 'ah gut choice zhat von, secluded und hidden perfect' he says giving her a nod. 'und new number too, it may be a little vhile but I vill arrange a call soon' he explains looking at Lizel who gives Paris a squeeze.
'a call?? Paris gets out hope in her voice. 'Ja vith jour bruder, but I must be extra carefull no von finds out zhe best vay to do zhis is for jou, Paris to help around meine office zhat vay zhey vill supsect nozhing' he explains. Paris cant help smiling feeling hopefully 'oh...Wollf that would be wonderfull...I have not seen or heard from Alexandre since that...since that dinner with ...Stholler' she gets out shuddering mentioning his name.
'Ja' Wollf replies reaching and squeezing her hand 'now is zhere anyzhing else Lizel jou vish to tell me?' he asks looking at Lizel who thinks for a long moment 'non...not yet' she replies her thoughts going to that of Reinhold again.
'Vell Ladies I zhink ve are done here...vhy dont ve go to zhe boutique shop, jou can have a chat und I can have a smoke' he explians this causing Paris to laugh 'I am surprised Ludwig has not taken you up on smoking? she says as Wollf nods 'ja ja...but please do not mention it to him' he says a hint of worry in is voice as Paris nods 'oui...of course not' she replies.

Meanwhile back in Ludwigs office as he sips a fresh cup of proper coffe sitting looking at files on his desk there is knock.
'Enter' Ludwig says looking up from the papers he nods seeing Reinhold walk in 'Heil Hitler!' Reinhold says as Ludwig nods watching him salute.
'jou have jour report Reinhold?' Ludwig asks waving for him to sit as he walks taking a seat, he hands the brown folder over to Ludwig 'I have it finished ja, So far I have not seeng anyzhing zhat vould make me zhink she is vith zhe resistance' he explains thinking to himself *I vant to find out more on jou...Lizel*
'Reihold' Ludwig says noticing his look as he snaps back to attention 'apologies herr Kommandant! he says quickly ' I vas miles avay, it vas a long night ja' he explains as Ludwig laughs a little 'Ja jou had a lot to do' he says as he begins to read the report looking up at Reinhold once more 'so...she is not part of zhe resistance yet jou have spotted her out after curfew' he reads out.
'Ja herr Kommandant, I am curious I vant to find out more about her' he explains watching as Ludwig nods 'ja I zhink zhat is a gut idea, jou are to continue jour vatch on her' he orders as Deitmajor appears at the door.
'Sir I have got zhe troopers ready ja' he explains as Ludwig closes the report and clicks open his breifcase sliding it inside. 'Sher gut Deitmajor, Reinhold jou are dismissed, jou see anyzhing out of zhe ordinary vith zhis frauhline zhen jou move in, zhat is an order!' Ludwig explains nodding at Reinhold who grins a little and stands up saluting 'Ja herr Kommandant' he nods as he pats Deitmajor on the shoulder 'good luck' he says walking off in the opposite direction.
'Vhat vas zhat about if jou do not mind me asking Herr Kommandant? Deitmajor says as Ludwig shakes his head 'Neine nozhing to much, he is to continue vatching zhat frualine...vhats oh ja...Lizel' he explains as he nods 'now lets go und see vhat zhis old Library has in store for us, for zhat boys sake I hope ve find somezhing' he explains.
Deitmajor nods looking at his superior noticing he is a little more calmer than earlier.

Back at the market Wollf keeps Paris arm as they walk down the street twards the boutique a few paces behind walks Lizel casually trying not to be part of the group.
Paris gives Wollf a tiny smile as they pass a few couples chatting away. Something catches Paris eye, across the street two woman are casually chatting but every so often glancing Paris way, the first wears a cream dress and long brown coat contrasting with her black wavy hair, the second a shorter jacket, white blouse and blue skirt with boots, her hair short yet curled and blond.
Eventaully they move on and Paris decides to let it go she has more things on her mind than random ladies. Entering the store she looks back at Wollf who smiles 'go ahead mademoiselle I vill be right outside ja' he says as Paris gives him a nod.
*dinng* the bell goes on the door as Paris walks inside and the store owner smiles at her 'oh bonjour Mademoiselle I see you are in again for dresses? he asks walking over to her he adds 'those photos mon amie made you look perfect I do say' he grins as Paris eyes go a little wide then she remembers the magazine photos.
'm..mercie' she replies as the store owner shows her a pile of the magazines 'many pople have been in and been rather interested' he explains as Paris tries to keep herself calm and nods, she turns her back and begins to look through the dresses and clothes thinking to herself *what wil they brother..the others*
The door chimes once more as Lizel walks into the store and greets the owner as she heads for the rack near Paris with the dresses 'ooh do try this one' she says smiling lifting a midnight blue dress up as Paris smiles seeing the dress 'oui...let us go and try this one' she smiles at Lizel as they head to the fitting rooms, once inside Paris lets out a long sigh and throws herself at Lizel into a tight hug some tears falling.
'Lizel...oh Lizel' she sobs a little more 'Merde..this is hard' Paris gets out finally pulling apart and wipping at her eyes.
Lizels green eyes softly look at her best friend as she nods patting Paris on her shoulders 'oui..I understand Paris..I wish with all my heart that you would be free and get away from those..battards' she gets out the last word angrily.
'Oui...but we must get Francis out...oh ..Lizel I am scared' she confesses then begins to explain about what Wollf told her, about Francis telling of the safe houses under the truth drug and about..about him explaining what her job was 'the children...' she gets out shaking her head as Lizel looks concerned 'I will let Alexandre know Paris...he can non...he will do something to make sure they are all safe! she exclaims looking slightly pale.
Paris nods its clear in her blue shes she is deeply worried as she runs her hand over her blond hair 'this whole situation is such a mess Lizel..but I am glad you came mon amie' she says softly.
'oui I had to I will report everything back to Alexandre every single thing..Paris we must fihgt all we can but...please' she begs reaching and pulling Paris into a hug once more whispering 'please do not loose yourself to the Rotweiler no matter what' she begs pulling away.
Paris gives her a serious look and nods 'oui..I will do my best' she replies.
Lizel holds something in her hand and Paris can see its the magazine with her on the front page and Ludwig as she starres '...I had no choice oui...' she gets out as Lizel nods 'oui I know Paris, your eyes can tell to me they tell me that you look scrared, that you did not want to be taken' she says softly then adds 'I ..your brother is not going to like this one bit' she says as Paris nods
'oui,,,oh Lizel please tell him I had no choice' Paris begs taking her friends hands whos green eyes look serious 'oui of course Parie I would never say anything else' she says reassuring Paris as she squeezes her arm 'now are you going to buy the dress? she asks adding 'is there anything else you need to tell me? she asks gently taking a hold of Paris arm again.
Paris thinks to herself and shakes her head slowly part of her wanting to stay with Lizel all day. 'non nothing more' she replies as Lizel nods pulling her into a hug she then walks out and pretends to browse the rails a little before smiling at the store owner and exiting the shop.
'Did jou enjoy talking vith Paris' Wollf asks as Lizel walks past him a little nodding 'oui now what?' she asks as Wollf casually takes another draw of his cigarette 'vell ve just talk causally as if I do not know jou und jou do not know me ja, like friendly passers by ja' Wollf explains as Lizel nods 'oui that is a good idea'. Both chat casually patiently waiting on Paris to come out.
'ah zhere jou are mademoiselle Paris' Wollf says smiling at Paris walks out the store with a bag 'I im sorry Wollf we had a lot to talk about' she replies looking at Lizel who nods 'oui we did' she says then looks at her watch.
Wollf chuckles seeing Paris expresion as he stubbs the cigarette out 'remember not to tell' he says giving her a nervous laugh as Paris nods 'of course not' she gets out.
Lizel nods at both of them 'if you do not mind I must get going Pariee, everything we talked about today I will let Alexandre know, Parie please take care no matter what I know you are strong mon amie' she gets out softly as she nods at Paris then to Wollf as she heads across the street once more not ready to return home just yet Lizel decides to browse some more of the shops.
Looking at Paris Wollf smiles a little 'now mademoiselle vhere esle voudl jou like to visit oh...neine let me treat jou to somezhing' Wollf says a twinkle in his blue eyes as he takes Paris by the arm 'w..what' Paris gets out surprised as he shakes his head 'it is a secret now valk vith me' he says nodding to her.
After about fifteen minutes of walking through the market town they come to the bookstore as Paris cant help but smile, wollf holds the door open 'after jou mademoiselle' he says poilitly then adds 'I vill buy jou more books ja und ve can spend some time here ja ve are not due back for oh...another few hours' he says looking at his watch as Paris smiles once more 'mercie Wollf merice' she says.

Meanwhile at the same time Paris and Wollf are at the market both Ilsa Stein and Hanz Krauser are hard at work, both having a team of six troopers each as they reach the old church, now empty of all wepons. Ilsa steps out first her uniform pristine alone with a long black coat, her blond hair neatly tucked under her cap.
'alright zhen Krauser lets get to vork, zhese tunnels could lead anyvhere ja' she says in a clipped tone.
Hanz gets out the car and survays the area as he nods 'ja Herr kommandant vants to find out vhere every tunnel leads ja' he says nodding at her as the twelve troopers 'alright lets go ja' Ilsa orders as they march into the old church.
Both Hanz and Ilsa survay the damage the church took during the last raid, bullet holes pepper the stone work, the wood still lays in small to large splinters around the church as they head down the stone steps to the tunnels.
'alright two to each tunnel ja you to take the first one! Ilsa point to the tunnel on the left as the nod and salute, this goes on until both herself and hanz are left with the centre tunnel, she waves her gloved hand 'shall ve? she asks as Hanz nods his dark blue eyes serious.
'ja ja, zhe sooner ve get zhis done zhe quicker I get back to meine vife' he says as Isla chuckles 'ja if jou say so' she replies heading into the tunnel, both walk hoding torches and alert for anything unusual, both guns in their left hands.
'so vhat of zhis Paris ja, herr kommandant seems razher enammoured vith her, but ja I can see vhy she is zhe spitting image of his...Gretchen' Isla says looking at Hanz who nods 'ja I have noticed zhat und she knows meine vife I do not trust her fully yet but perhaps it is beacuse ve do not know her fully' he explains ducking to avoid a low rock.
'ja zhat is true ve vill need to keep an eye on her' Isla says adding 'but ve all know zhat if she hurts Ludwig in anyvay I vill rip her throat out ja' Ilsa says in a cool voice as Hanz chuckles 'ja jou und Ludvig go quite a bit back' he says walking further.
'zhis tunnel seems to go on forever' Hanz says as he keeps up the pace with Ilsa who nods 'ja but zhen zhese resistance rats like zhier tunnels' she replies holding a hand up and putting a finger on her lips as she stops, she cocks her head to one side as if to listen.
'Do jou hear zhat? Isla asks as she shines her torch around ' running vater' Hanz replies pointing ahead of them 'It is coming from zhat direction, almost like a stream or river?' he asks as Ilsa nods 'zhat must mean zhe exit to zhis tunnel is close' she replies and begins to quicken her pace again.
After at least half an hour both are finaly met with a blast of fresh cold air. Ilsa lets out a gasp looking around, the cave exit is surrounded by dense forrest, mountains tower above the forrest snow capped and rugged like icicles.
'zhe mountains!' Isla gasps then chuckles 'vell zhat vas not vhat I had expected' she replies watching as Hanz walks out and looks around hearing the running water.
'Zhe river must be near buy' he says looking around he squeezes Islas shoulder 've should not linger out her not vithout backup ja, for all ve know zhey could be in zheir' he points to the forrest.  Ilsa nods scanning her surroundings 'ja, ve vill head back see how zhe otzher troopers have gotten on und zhen ve report back to Ludvig, perhaps ve could explore zhis forrest vith more troopers' she says nodding as she looks around one last time.
She narrows her blue eyes 'und I know zhey are or vill be around here somevhere, vhen ve find zhem ve vill crush zhem' she grins balling a gloved fist as Hanz nods 'alvays so enthusiastic ja' he grins as he heads back inside the cave closely followed by Isla.

A nazi geep and a black officers car roll through the town almost leaving dust behind them as the car screetches around the corner, many townspeople flee indoors and to the safety of their homes.
Grey clouds are now forming in the sky above looking angry down on the people below.
'So vhat do jou zhink ve vill find in zhis library herr Kommandant? Deitmajor asks as he sits in the car, Ludwig leans back for once letting another officer drive.
'Information ja...zhe frenchie...jou know he vas very co-operative perhaps ve can break zhis little cell vonce and for all ja' Ludwig replies pulling his black leather gloves on.
'Sir jou are not going to like zhis' comes the drivers voice as they approach where the library used to stand. Both Ludwig and Deitmajor starre as the car screeches to a halt, getting out Ludwig walks over to the now burnt out remains of what used to be a library. The smell of parafine still lingers in the air, the library reduced to nothing but a burt out blackened shell yet still half standing.
Deitmajor walks up to Ludwig as he looks at the damage 'jou zhink zhey vere tipped off I mean zhere vas no vay the french piggie vould lie not under zhe drug' he explains as Ludwig turns to him hs blue eyes narrowing yet serious 'ja somevone must have tipped zhem off' he replies thinking hard as Deitmajor looks ' not take zhis the vrong vay but..Paris? he asks as Ludwig actully chuckles at this 'neine...von, vollf is always vith her zhe otzher she is never out of his sight' he explains as Deitmajor nods.
'but...zhat does not stop me from having a gutt long talk vith her ja...' he pauses and for a moment anger flarres in his blue eyes 'after all she has been hiding zhings from me' he gets out his voice shaking for a moment then taking a deep breath he begins to walk inside the ruined library, his boots crunching over charred wood. 'Sir is is not safe' yells one of the troopers as Ludwig waves a hand 'neine ve are having a look' he barks back as Deitmajor walks inside his eyes scanning the surroundings for any information. Boots walk over the ruined burt out books, wood and whats left of carpets.
'now zhis is interesting, zhere is a basement' Ludwig explains as he stops and bends down picking up some ruined wood he throws it aside to reveal starres. He stands back up and stamps his booted foot hand on the floorboard above there is a loud creak but it is sturdy enough.
'jou ja' he points to two troopers 'I vant jou both to go down und see vhat jou can find!' he orders as they both nod 'ja Herr Kommandant' they chorus.
Meanwhile Deitmajor walks to what looks like a half ruined wall leaning down he picks up a ruined book, blows the dust and debrie from it then begins to examin it. Frowning he walks back to Ludwig 'vell banned books ja' he says as Ludwig takes the tattered book and starres at it 'und Jewish too ja' he growls as he throws the book away and stamps his boot on it. 'So zhey may have escaped but ve vill hunt zhem down, I vant jou Deitmajor vhen ve get back, I vant jou to make enquiries at who owned zhis building zhen find zhem und bring zhem in!' he orders. 'Ja herr Kommandant zhat vill be done' Deitmajor replies clicking his heals together.
After about fifeteen minutes of looking around, various grunts, creeks, scrapes and scuffles the two troopers return covered in soot and dust 'nothzing left down zhere sir, vhoever torched zhis place new vhat zhey vere doing' he replies as Ludwig nods feeling angry and frustrated as he thinks to himself *zhis day ist not going zhe vay I planned*
'Have jou searched every corner ja? Ludwig asks as bot nod 'ja every single part, somevone vas living down zhere all ve found vere remains of old burnt bed, books und plates' one explains as Ludwig nods 'very vell zhen zhere is notzhing left for us' Ludwig replies adding 'go back in zhe truck' he orders as the two nod salute and walk back out the ruined building.
'So vhat do jou zhink'? Deitmajor asks Ludwig who takes his hat off and rubs his head 'I zhink zhat vhoever tipped zhem off stays eizher local or ..* he pauses his mind working hard 'Or? Deitmajor pushes looking at his friend and boss ' have a mole vihin our ranks' he gets out.
Hearing this Deitmajors eyes go wide 'jou zhink so? he asks as Ludwig turns his gaze on him 'perhaps I am just zhinking at zhe moment, zhough non of jou vould ever betray me' he explains as Deitmajor nods 'ja of course ve are all faithfull to zhe cause, to zhe fhurer' he replies seeing Ludwig nod 'lets go' Ludwig orders as both head back to the car, once inside Ludwig begins to take notes on a pad as they drive.
'Zhis is not going zhe vay I vanted it to go however I am sure ve vill get results, ve can only hope Stein und Krauser are having better luck' Ludwig replies looking annoyed and tired at the same time.
'ja ve can only hope' he says once more then lapses into silence as his thoughts drift back to Paris and what he could do to get her to tell him everything.

'Ve should get going mademoiselle, Ludwig vill be back soon at zhe camp' Wollf says getting up out of the leather chair he had been sitting in for the past hour as he lifts the books.
'I vill get zhese for jou vhile jou gazher jour stuff' he says softly as Paris nods the worried feeling creeping into her stomoch once more as she thinks about what he told her earlier 'oui' she gets out watching Wollf walk to the counter. Standing up Paris picks up her bag and straightens her dress down as she walks to the counter.
About five minutes later both head out the store looking at the sky 'its getting dark' Paris says as Wolld nods 'ja it is ve should hurry' he explains adding 'jour friend Lizel should be at her home now ja' he nods at her as he takes her arm and they walk the long walk back to the car.
Unknown to Paris the two ladies from earlier have been sitting in one of the caffes and both are silently watching as Paris walks arm in arm with ss officer Wollf.

At the same time Ludwig is being driven back to the camp, notes sit on his lap about what he has found out. He is lost in thoughts when Deitmajor sighs 'shall I have vords vith zhe piggie again? he asks as Ludwig blinks a few times and turns 'vhich von ja...zhe von zhat shot jour or zhe frenchie von? he asks adding 'jou look as if jou need to let some anger out' he grins. 'and neine ve got enough from zhe frenchie von' Ludwig explains.
'vhen ve get back, jou may go und check zhe piggies' he orders as Deitmajor grins a little 'danke herr kommandant' he replies. The car pulls through the camp gates pulling up to the building, Ludwig looks out the window frowning a little *she is not back yet but soon very soon ja* he thinks as he balls a fist.
Once inside Ludwig heads to his office pushing the door open he sits down and begins to write some more notes.
'zhis is getting harder but I have faith ve vill crush zhis resistance ja' he explains to Deitmajor who nods as Ludwig puts his pen down and rubs his head 'jou know if ve do not get anzvers soon about zhis resistance cell I am going to have to do somezhing drastic ja' he says as Deitmajor gives hin a serious look 'vhat kind of drastic sir' Ludwig grins a little 'vell ve know somevone in zhis market in zhis town is vorking for zhe resistance, if no von comes forevard I vill have to kill zhe men' he says slolwy his blue eyes serious as Deitmajor makes no move or expression but just nods. He knows his boss is not a cold bloodied killer yet will carry out orders to make ends meet.
*knock *knock*  
'enter' Ludwig yells as a cloaked form of a woman walks in, she keeps her head hidden and hands Ludwig an envelope then saying nothing she heads back out the door.
Deitmajor looks wondering who that was as he sees Ludwigs expression change to the one of anger he wore earlier in the day.  Keeping his voice steady he looks at Deitmajor 'go und check on zhe piggies ja' he says as Deitmajor nods 'Herr kommandant are jou alright? he asks as Ludwig gives him a look 'go!' he orders as Deitmajor nods wondering just what was in the envelope to anger him so much 'Ja herr kommandant' he replies saluting then walking out of the door.
Watching him leave Ludwig looks back at the photo on his desk and mutters 'vhy Paris...vhy did jou disobey me...I hate punishing jou but..zhis cannot go unpunished' he gets out balling his fist as he starres at the black and white photo knowing what Fuller had said and what he had also told Paris.
Wollf parks the car and helps Paris out as he looks and sees her worried look, he squeezes her hand changing to french 'whatever happens you are stronge oui' he says as Paris nods shivering a little.
Both head inside the building Wollf leading her to the usual room and just as Paris is about to sit down Ludwig comes striding in, his anger pushed down until he gets her home.
'Ah Wollf how vas zhe market? he asks as Wollf nods 'gutt as usual' he replies then adds 'Herr Kommandant I have somezhing to ask jou?'  Ludwig looks at his officer 'can it vait? he says slowly giving Wollf a look.
'ja ja it can' he replies then looks at Paris expression 'tomorrow as usual mademoiselle' he says bowing his head 'do jou vish any more of me herr kommandant? Wollf asks clearing he can tell Ludwig is seething but trying his best to hide it. 'neine zhat vill be all, tell all calls to be directed to meine secretary ja, I do not vish to be disturbed for zhe rest of zhe evening' he says nodding at Wollf.
'Ja herr kommandant it vill be done, Paris I bid jou goodnight ve vill talk tomorrow' Wollf says nodding at her then walking out the room.
Paris watches him go and suddenly feels very small, the bad feeling getting stronger in her stomoch.
'komm Paris' Ludwig orders and Paris knows from his voice he is angry *but at what...franics???* she thinks as she picks up the bag of books Ludwig not even carrying them, she tries her best to keep up with his pace as they reach the car, he opens the door and Paris slides in, without a word he gets in and guns the engine.
Speading off Ludwig drives rather fast as Paris pants '..Ludwig...slow down! she gets out. Ignoring her he keeps driving and Pairs shudders in fear having not seen Ludwig act like this for a long time.
'Ludwig...what on earth is the matter? she asks him. Still nothing the rest of the journey continues in silence until he pulls the car through the gates and parks.
'OUT! Ludwig barks as Paris slides out the car.
'Oucch! she yelps in pain as he grabs her right wrist tight and drags her up the steps, pushing open the door he strides dragging Paris up the stairs with him.
'Ludwig let..let go your hurting me!!! Paris pleads her heart beginning to race a little faster. 'NEINE PARIS' He yells as he kicks open the door to the appartment.
Grabbing the bag out of Paris hand he hurls the books across the room landing with a clatter on the floor.
He turns his attention back on Paris, his blue eyes blazing in anger, his mouth changing to almost a snarl as he suddenly pushes Paris hard against the wall.
Paris lets out a loud painfull grunt as she sees stars for a moment the back of her head throbbing.
'JOU ...LIED TO ME PARIS' he yells in her face 'JOU VERE VARNED VERE JOU NOT!' he barks at her.
Paris shakes her blue eyes wide..'''L...Ludwig' she gets out 'i...I do not know what you are talking...talking about' she stammers out. *SMACK* Ludwig slaps Paris on the face hard, his hand leaving a red mark on her right cheek as her eyes go wider.
'JOU CLEARLY KNOW VHO ZHIS IS JA' he yells thrusting the black and white photo into her face.
Paris gasps starring seeing herself talk to lizel as her mind acts quickly *do not let on* she thinks 'NON...I..I DO NOT KNOW HER! she yells back feeling scared as she shakes.
'..non' Paris breathes out as Ludwig pulls the photo away from her face, his face a mask of fury as he sneers at her. 'I zhink jou und I need to have a little TALK' he yells the last word out.
Before Paris can react Ludwig lunges at her and grabs her around the waist slinging her over his shoulder, her shoes fall of as she yelps 'L..Ludwig put me down!!!! she yells in fear and anger.

'NEINE I ZHINK IT IS ABOUT TIME JOU PARIS SAW MEINE BASEMENT! he yells tightning his grip on her.
Fallen for the Enemy chapter 23
So finally finished chapter 23 of my story. At lot of different things happening and different arches of the story line but im getting there.  I feel sorry for Francis here he gets no choice to give up his secrets but also a whole lot going on with Lizel at the same time, will she get away or be caught?? that is the question.
The what will happen to Paris...oh Ludwig is getting rather mad, please follow to find out in the next chapter!

All characters and story line belong to me and may not be used without my permission!

Please read and comment.
Helene Deforest
So drew another character from my story fallen for the enemy.
She works for the other resistance cell 'Liberate' cell.

Name: Helene Deforest
age: 34
hair: dark blond
eyes: blue
siblings: none and parents died before the war.
build: slim but keeps fit


*Born in the city of Paris, Helen joined the liberate cell when Paris fell to the nazis.
*is quite bitter as before the war her family well the money that was left for her she lived a well off life but when war came she no longer was able to get the luxuries she once had.
*cant stand Paris Bellarose, she is jealous of her, sees her as a french slut to the Germans, though doesn't know the full truth yet.
*has a stubborn streak and is fast reacting.
*loves her fellow resistance member Jean-luc yet attracts Germans attention at times.
*loyal to her country yet at the same time watching the Germans she yearns for the life she once had.

So you see Helene is going to be one of these characters that double crosses.

Hope you like her.

art/character: *Belong to me and may not be used without my permission.


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Elaine Henderson
United Kingdom
hey evryone im a budding manga artist who loves to draw fan art and final fantasy art :)

Current Residence: Scotland
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Favourite style of art: pencil art and paints and manga art.
Favourite cartoon character: wilee e coyote
Personal Quote: "Always live your dreams"

which cosplays would you like to see me do in the future? 

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2 deviants said Velvet RWBY
1 deviant said Poison Ivy
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